Today we talk about canning, jamming, drying and freezing peaches along with tips I have learned over the years to make things go smoother.

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I love garlic and have had to peel lots of it over the years. And the Zyliss Garlic Peeler is the best darn garlic peeling tool I have ever used. 

It is especially helpful when you have tons of garlic to peel and you have found some with a particularly thin outer husk. You know what I mean right? The outer husk doesn’t respond to the usual trick of squishing the garlic bulb with the flat side of your knife to make peeling easy, but rather stubbornly sticks to the garlic itself. This requires you to painstakingly pull each piece off. 

With the Zyliss Garlic Peeler, you just toss a clove in the rubber tube, press down and roll, and the peel sticks to the tube, not the garlic. It hardly takes up any space, only costs $5 and is a must have if you love garlic as much as I do.

Zyliss Garlic PeelerDo let me know if you buy one and tell me how you like it!

Today I will catch you up on the duck hijinks at the Holler Homestead and talk about mail ordered ducks and the trials and tribulations that can happen with them.

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And the topic I have set up for today is one that people have been asking be to cover for quite some time. 5 ways to make good conversation. You may wonder why the asked me of all people to do this. I mean, I can talk for an hour at a time and it ends up being a podcast – and this narration does not a conversation make.

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Photo of Nicole Sauce's messy kitchen

Originally, I had planned to talk about hand tool maintenance, but then I kept getting lots of questions about tomatoes – like what to do if you get too many, or not enough, or if your salsa is runny, or how to preserve them so I thought, why not talk about one of my favorite topics? Canning tomatoes and other ways to preserve them!

#HollerHatWednesday: Where is she and who is she with?

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I stared and stared at the blank screen today, trying to figure out what to write about. I talked to Autofab and Tactical this morning and nothing specific came out. This almost never happens and the challenge is that what I want to share is something that doesn’t happen much but should. And it has to do with hard work, community, fellowship and forward progress. And I wasn’t sure if it was different enough from my episode on hard work.  

But then 3 pm rolled around and all I had were my usual segments, coffee orders shipped, and a big, blank screen.

So today, you get the story of Basecamp, the cleanup project and the GSD crew.

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What else to talk about in a week where I am processing a bushel of cucumbers than making pickles?! So today, I will talk to you about making pickles a few ways, as well as share a fun relish recipe.

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Hard work. We sometimes underestimate the impact that hard work has on us. And I don;t mean just the hard muscles, but the spiritual benefit of working hard and getting things done. And after you work hard, you play hard right? So today, i thought we would examine that a bit more.

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Today, I wanted to give you what you were supposed to get on Monday – a walk through of this side hustle life and how, over time, they can lead you to your passion – that is assuming that you are at a place where you are ready to find it.

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Today, I needed a reminder about living my life on my terms, not society’s so we have a replay. We will take a walk through the benefits of simply living. Simply living – as in simply living your life, not letting others live it for you. Why Simply living and not simple living? You gotta listen to find out!

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