Today, we talk about deb payoff and I will share with you the things I waste my money on. Why? Because this is part of the process if paying off debt.

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Today, we discuss how the first month of a year focused on balance went and lessons learned to roll forward into my life. 

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Today we have a thought of the walk on mind control as well as some thoughts on how to break the cycle if you are in it (and maybe don’t even know it).

Greater Reset tonight — community – I will be on the air talking about getting our tn freedom cell network up and running.

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Today I will walk you through my indoor lettuce growing operation for 2021.

Medical system frustration story.

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Today by request of the chatter over in our MeWe group, I will share with you my perspective as a landlord of 20 years, tell you the story of how I got started and what brought me to this point, as talk about some best practices I have put in place to support by growing business.

This is not investment, legal or real estate advice – rather I will share my personal journey.

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Today I am excited to have an interview show for you that I am sure you will love: we will talk about the best decentralized video platform I have used from a user standpoint and to do that, we have Jeremey Kauffman the CEO who is also a freedom loving New Hampshire Freestater. I think y’all will love this episode.

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Today Sue Zoldak joins me to talk about a myriad of things: community, marketing on Mewe, the state of the Union, and much more.

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Over the weekend, we met in the mountains and shared ideas, feelings, information and camaraderie at The Station at 19e on Roan Mountain. Today, I will share some of my thoughts from this experience and what it means for the “New Normal.”

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A Spring Workshop Update: We sold out over the weekend but if you were paying attention to TG or Mewe, I opened up four more tickets. Those are already gone, so if you had wanted to go but did not grab a ticket in time, sign up for the waiting list.

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Expanding into 2 pantries: personal and communal
  • Monthly Grocery Shopping Update (too much milk, just enough produce minus that one kale issue, restock will take about a week between online orders and in-person shopping.)
  • Sprouts Story
  • Not using salsa fast enough (WHAT?)
  • Pantry Management Webinar 

Operation Independence

  • Holler Roast Growth Idea and a meeting with another craft roaster

Main topic of the Show: There Really is a New Normal

It was so very cool – 33 of us decided to go into the mountains and meetup at a hiker’s hostel. It was a meetup on crack. 

Freedom Cell and what it is — 

The why

How the meetup came to be

The purpose of the meetup

Things I learned

Make it a great week!

Song: DR Feeley Dr Skinner

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


Advisory Board


It’s a Friday so we usually do an interview show or a thought of the walk. What is a thought of the walk — simply a short episode where we dive into a single concept. How do I pick the topic? I go for walks with my dogs and shut off all media. While out and about, something that has been niggling on my brain often comes clear, then I share it with you.

This week, I have been thinking about punitive and restorative justice and will share my thoughts on that with you later in the show.

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Today I will share with you a real view of the first week of January on the homestead.

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