Today is a variety show where I take questions and share thoughts about: Podcasting, wholesale pricing in your business, the coin shortage, what is up with our food supply outages, strawberries and getting ready for what may happen.

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Join us Saturday, Sept 19, 2020 for Green Chili Weekend. Traditionally, we have been processing them like mad this weekend. This year we are going to mix things up. I have already ordered the hatch chilies and will process them in advance.

This is really just a fin day with great food.

  • Tamale Station
  • Mocktails
  • Homestead tours
  • Yard games
  • Adult beverages
  • Hatch chili-themes dishes

Starts at 11am and we invite you to camp onsite if you imbibe so that we don’t have any driving issues.

$20 for non-members, $10 for members

This event is sold out

Today is a Thought of the Walk (TOTW) episode. Every so often, I go on a walk. Sometimes I have a thought to share. Opportunity is the Friday thought – and how to make room for it in your life — or how to choose which one is best when all of them come at once.

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Remember all the talk about opportunity last week? Mother Earth News reached out to see if I would add a little something to their course on growing food in the winter. So I did.

This course is packed with information from lots of great presenters including John Moody,Keith Arkenberg, andPam Dawling.

Topics include:

  • Aquaponics
  • Cold Frames
  • Indoor growing Methods
  • Cover Crops

All-Access costs $150 for all the 2020 content not just for this course but for multiple courses at Mother Earth News. There are 85 videos and lots of information there.

Click here to grab it if you want it. (Disclosure, this is an affiliate link so I will get a percentage if you use it).

I will talk more about this on today’s podcast.




Today, as promised, I have a very special interview with none other than Gregg Yows about his creative side hustle, prepping, transition and with a special launch of something new.

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They’re not eggs anymore!

Join us at the Holler Homestead to learn about processing chickens…

When: Sept 21, 2020

Start Time: 10:00 AM

End time: ?

Location: Lancaster, TN (1 hour east of Nashville off I-40)

Price: $65 for nonmembers, $55 for members.

Includes: Instruction by Chef Brett Corrieri, hands-on processing, a chicken processing guide, lunch and you get to take home a chicken you processed (so bring a cooler).

Background: We are raising about 30 birds for meat right now and so many people have asked about how to process poultry that we decided to offer a class this fall. The course is outside, rain or shine, but don’t worry. We have a tent.


Today is a Friday so we have an interview show today. And today I talk with Ken Eash about building to your life’s purpose and more.

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Today, we will talk through the basics of starting a podcast because so many of you have asked of late. Since this is live on Youtube, I will take live q & A from there if any shows up.

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Today, I was going to talk with you about how to start a podcast because multiple people have asked me this question. But then a homestead day happened. Got up, had quiet coffee, started roasting, missed a call. We are doing a round of meat chickens. I plan to also do a processing class. They are going to arrive Thursday this week.

And in true homesteading colors, the things that happen on the days they are supposed to happen don’t. So I picked up chicks this morning a day early — and this is a good thing, but my benchmark for coffee volume is now going to be a push. A push that will happen no matter what because it has to. 

As I showed Tactical how to get the chicks going, I realized that lots of folks are starting birds for the first time, so today I will share how I raise baby chickens.

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Today, we hear from listeners about jumping in – getting going and addressing the thing that holds you back.

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