Today, I will share with you an alternative perspective to the Parler hullabaloo. One separated from a political party. Both Republicans and Democrats have this wrong — and yet Big Tech has showed that, once again, absolute power corrupts absolutely. We will also talk about making some changes in how we operate.

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April 22-24, 2021

We have sold out. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact me and let me know.

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to take a deeper look at building community and foundational principles that I think are important to keep in mind. This is the start of this topic and I hope to hear from you if you think things can be combined or if something is missing, keeping in mind that the more rules you put in place, the easier it is for a community to transform from happy and functional to bureaucratic and abusive.

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Monday’s show was three hours and it was so dark at times that I thought a live feedback show would be a good idea. The challenge being that some of you have not listened to Monday’s show yet because it is so long. But enough of you have that I have a set of things to talk about AND I wanted to talk about real community and what it means – because our prosperous US Society has done a pretty good job of changing the perception of how community works both through social networks and also government imposed, top-down, corporatized systems.

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Vin Armani joins me for today’s episode to discuss the coming dim age – and I think he is right about this. We discuss why he thinks one is coming with a particular focus on learning from past historical stories. We also talk about what it means for day to day life and, at the very end, what you should put in place to navigate this change. Because it is important to do what you can to protect both for your short term comfort and to set a foundation for your children’s future.

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This was recorded last year and is two readings of the famous poem — one intellectual version and a musical one. Though, can a choral version of this poem be classified as non-intellectual?

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Scotland is a little ahead of the US in celebrating their Christmas Eve – so join Jaggy Little Thistle as he reads their version of the famous poem. (Recording from a previous year so the intro will be old too!)

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This is a replay of the Night Before Christmas as read by our friend Aussieroo!

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Join The Tactical Redneck in a reading of The Night Before Christmas.

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Join us January 16 in east TN for a Freedom Cell Meetup! Folks from Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky will gather to share ideas and hear speakers talk about growing your food, preparedness, crypto currencies, wild edible plants and more!

Date: January 16, 2021

Location: The Station at 19e, Roan Mountain, Tennessee

Sessions (subject to some adjustment): 10am-3:30pm

Cost: $25 covers lunch, snacks and drinks on Jan 16

Registration! (Note: we are currently limiting this to 20 people, then seeing if we can add as we know who does and who does not need lodging!)

One registration per participant please!

Please email to be put on the waiting list.


FRIDAY Pregame: Friday night for those already in town there will be karaoke at the pub and we can figure out a shared breakfast if someone wants to cook…


10am: Nicole Sauce – Building Community

10:30: Facilitated Discussion/ preparedness and community

11:30: Wild Edible Plants with …?? and/or Off Grid Ideas for Everyday Living with Shawn Mills

12:15: Pause for lunch

1pm: Cryptocurrency and Community with Xavier Hawk (Not confirmed!)

2pm: Facilitated Discussion

3pm: Off site farm tour (Aquaponics and permaculture) David Magee


There will be a band playing at the pub and an all you can eat oyster bake for $30 if you want to stay and visit.

Food and beverage provided: Holler Roast Coffee, Tea, water, assorted other soft drinks, snacks, lunch on Saturday. All other food and beverage can be purchased at the pub, or we can work together to cook/etc at the hostel (as in self-organize this!).