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There are few delights more complete than homemade bread. You feel it get silky as you knead. You take delight in the magic of little yeasties turning a lump of dough into a taut risen bubble ready to shape into loaves. You enjoy its yeasty odors, different while rising than while baking. At last, four hours later, you wait for a pat of butter to melt before crunching through crispy crust into the melting insides fresh-baked bread.

The first few times a person does anything are daunting, right? With bread, you’ll soon find an easy rhythm to weave among other activities during an at-home afternoon.

Today’s recipe aims to de-mystify the process of baking bread so you can join the legion of “I made it” bread mavens. Before long, you’ll create your own mixes, shapes, and tastes in home-baked bread. Read more


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Join us at 9:30m Central for a live discussion of managing the homestead alone, mud season, life without the grocery store, seed starting and more.

Featured Event: Sequatchie School Trapping Class, $125

Date: February 24, 2024

Location: Spencer, TN

Sign up: sequatchieschool@gmail.com

Sponsor 1: AgoristTaxAdvice.com

Sponsor 2: DiscountMylarBags.com

Careful what you pray for – Snow turns to rain turns to mud city

Update on the truck key situation

Freezer Probe Problems – 

Guest form is off until April 1, 2024


  • AP update: Plants lived and it did not freeze with a stock tank heater so we have watercress and swiss chard
  • Brussels sprouts is still alive
  • Rosemary is still alive
  • Good time to trim the fodder trees


  • Rabbit poop problem
  • Coop Cleanout Problem
  • Miles keeps getting out – wherever there is no electric fence – floppy fence problem
  • Need hay
  • Know your animals
  • No eggs – cold 


  • Time to start brassicas, peppers, lettuce
  • Round 1 of pea seeding
  • Indoor peppers are still alive
  • Longevity spinach 

Homestead Meals

  • Hamburger pizza
  • Eating while NIcole is Away – an update

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • Mini Split Installation
  • 3 Seats left for the LFTN Spring Workshop


  • Operation eyesore next 2 weeks
  • Overall freeze resilience feedback


  • No trips to the store yet
  • Firewood vs electricity for heat

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!



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Today I talk about building your brand, remaining positive, the Ruckus and more with Bear Independent and John Willis.

Show Resources

Special Operations Equipment

Living Free in Tennessee

Bear Independent


Self Reliance Festival

Homestead Apprentice

Main content of the show

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 





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Everything that has gone well for me in building a business has started with the first step: deciding to take the risk. Today we will talk about that as well as our usual Monday segments.



10 AM – 12:30 PM




It’s open to the public here’s the Facebook link for the event. 


Sponsor 1: John Pugliano and the Wealthsteading Podcast, InvestableWealth.com

Sponsor 2: Homestead Apprentice, https://homesteadapprentice.com/ 

1 Million Satoshi Highlight Episode

3D Printing WIth Brad and Leslie Ferrier


Submit Your Favorite Here!


Livestream Schedule

Monday, 2pm, Take That Risk, Make It Work, Prerecorded But Live – A Test

Tuesday, 12:30pm,  Live with Nick Ferguson and John Willis

Friday, 9:30am, Homestead Happenings with The Tactical Redneck

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Pantry Challenge is Almost Through and I have Lost Four Pounds Just By Not Eating Out
  • Restocking: TP, Sauces and Spices, Medical Supplies, Onions, Cheese
  • Adopting the Sunday Freezer Meal Planning Method
  • Use It Up Curry

Weekly Shopping Report

Frugality Tip

  • Odds and Ends for Bone Broth

Operation Independence

  • Out This Week Working on #My3Things Marketing Plans and Book Edits (LFTN Spring Workshop Attendees will get a pre-release copy of the book!!)

Main topic of the Show: Take That Risk, Make It Work

I want to but what if I get too many orders and cannot fulfill them? The economy is looking really sketchy, what if people can’t afford my product? I may look stupid if I try that and it doesn’t work.

What if no one cares? What if I cant do it? What if I cant make enough money to pay for amy family? What if I move and real estate crashes and I end up upside down in my mortgage?

What if we go to war? What if the economy crashes? What if I am not good enough.

What if I am not good enough?


Ever single thing that has moved me ahead in life. Every business that has succeeded. Every event that has sold out. Every big name speaker I’ve booked. Every time I have attempted to grow. And every time I have not gone as far as I wished, has involved taking a risk. An action. A decision. And lots of focus and work.

Nothing has come easy but imagin how things would be different if I had gone the more steady, conservative path? 

In the late 90s, I would have become a school teacher, despite the fact I could see the schools systems are broken training grounds for generations of kids to NOT learn the skills they will need in our modern future. Impossible to change from within.

<Executive training, but first, side hustles (Mad Science)>

In the early aughts, what if I hadn’t quit my relatively low paying job at a software and training start up? What if I handn’t jumped at the chance to have that mortgaged home and rent out rooms to make ends meet? (Rental business, side hustles painting and cleaning, website development, coaching, Public Policy Career).

In 2016, what if I had stayed with my secure income, not started this podcast, not sold my roasted beans at the farmers market for too little money? (Rentals added some stability, newspaper, egg sales, facilitation, story coaching, websites, speaking engagements)

In 2017, what if I hadn’t taken my last $400 to go to Jack Spirko’s? (Kickstarter Holler Roast, membership, facilitation, processing classes, rentals)

And 2018, the leap of faith into the LFTN Spring Workshop when my land wasn’t ready? (Workshop 7 will be sold out this week if it isn’t already)



2021: SRF



All of this has taken risk and then making it work. Some of if has been more successful than others. None of it abject failure. And we learned a few things along the way.

On risk taking:

  • Spreadsheets dont lie – go in with open eyes, know your best and worst cases. The truth usually falls in the middle
  • If you are passionate about making it happen, FOR REALSIES, your risk is lower than it looks
  • Community and Underground Communities matter the most, this is why there are networking groups of all kinds
  • Only YOUR opinion really matters when weighing if you should or should not do something
  • The Small Daily Decisions Matter Most

On Making It Work

  • Things often look different than you thought
  • Most people think they are not good enough, the ones who succeed don’t let that voice win – it is a choice
  • It is OK to stop doing things that dont work for you for any reason (EGGS)
  • Your World, Your Rules, Your Results
  • Forgiveness

The true question: What do you really want? Are you talking about the latest unstarted idea with worry an anxiety to have something to talk about, or do you really want to do it?

Do you want to have success, or a story about what could have been?

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 




One good reason to make your own washing compound is that you control its ingredients. Another, equally satisfying justification, is money: you save by buying ingredients in bulk and you store in reusable containers.

There are many laundry soap formulations that work in old and new top-loader and side-loader washing machines. Here’s one we like, courtesy of my favorite librarian via the Duggan family. Read more


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Tickets go on sale tomorrow and here is who got added to the speaker lineup

Sponsor 1: Discount Mylar Bags

Sponsor 2: Permies.com

Maine is colder but this sucks more because it is rare here.


  • You CAN dig down…


  • Missing Dog In the Snow
  • Watering the chickens
  • Sheep are grazing through the snow today
  • Ducks in the pond


  • Longevity spinach and sweet potato slips

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • Game night tonight
  • Using KH’s Internet


  • Frozen cabin pipes (Het guns are awesome)
  • The Mud Room
  • Panic mode – rabbit waterer – still had water
  • AP update: we dropped to -4 and here is what happened
  • What it was like heating with wood in the holler 
  • Firewood for a week for this is great – and what that means you should always have it


  • Eating electricity because I took apart the rocket mass heater – needs to be redone

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!


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Join us for a roundtable discussion with Kerry Brown, Ryan Steva, Jake Reed and Lettie Lou.

Featured Event: LFTN Spring Workshop: https://www.livingfreeintennessee.com/spring-workshop-2024/

Sponsor 1: The Wealthsteading Podcast

Sponsor 2: Emp Shield, Code LFTN

Show Resources:

Lettie Lou, Backwoods Consulting

Jake Reed: Arsenal of Freedom

Ryan Steva: The Homestead Consultant 

Kerry Brown: Strong Roots Resources

Make it a great week

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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Today, we talk about addressing the things that keep you from doing what you love, from being who you are, and from building the life you choose. We also discuss an important tax code change and will do all our usual Monday segments.

Featured event, LFTN Spring workshop – sessions from folks who will come are awesome. Managing tragedy, rain water collection, starting fires, soap, bread, and so much more – the decision will be tough!

Ticket go on sale here on Jan 20 at 9am: https://www.livingfreeintennessee.com/spring-workshop-2024/

Sponsor 1: Agorist Tax Advice – play his segment

Sponsor 2: Holler Roast Coffee

Livestream Schedule

Tuesday Live with John Willis and Tag from Life Done Free, 12:30pm

Wednesday Live: TBD at 2pm

Friday Live: Homestead Happenings with The Tactical Redneck, 9:30AM

(Subject to our having power)

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Pantry challenge: Milk and cream gift from Dawn Gorham – loving the cream!
    • Cheese: Making cheese for the rest of the month and into January
    • Resupply System – is it cheating if i reorder what i usually do without actually using it – my fear is if I do not adhere to my system, I will screw up February.
    • Deep Dive into the Black Upright Freezer
  • Pantry Meals Last Week: Roemertopf
    • Holler Stew
    • Venison Loin, Twice
    • Creamy Rabbit
    • Tough old rooster
    • Taco salad – thank goodness for cabbage
  • Homegrown Cooking Livestream – roemertopf and silverskin

Weekly Shopping Report – cant find it and I DO know that it was mayhem this weekend as folks prepared for coldmageddon.

Frugality Tip from Margot

I went to the store and all that they had was this giant bag of carrots. So I made roasted root vegetables, with carrots, butternut squash soup with some carrots, I shredded some for the salad and I cut some up to dip (and if there is some left they will be chopped for soup). And all the tops and bottoms and peels were saved with the onion tops and skins to go into a pot next week with that ham bone to become bone broth and pea soup. So that large bag of carrots, that the girl next to me at the store turned her nose up at, is getting used to the fullest in this house . And I am saving money buy using them in multiple ways. Also I was hoping to have some left to ferment, but I don’t. So don’t be scared of the big bag of carrots, just get creative. 

Operation Independence

We have eggs again which is Ducky – or chickeny – as the case may be

Main topic of the Show: 

Our focus this month has been all about blossoming into 2024, despite the fact that the start of a new year is just a symbolic experience. Truly, it doesn’t matter if you blossom into 2024 or blossom into October, the blossoming is the part that matters.

In the last ten days, we have taken four trips to Goodwill, 1 trip to the auction house, 4 trips to the garbage dump, and 5 trips to the store to return unused items that we purchased – usually for projects or other things. I’ve posted things to Facebook  Market place that I would just give away but you have to charge money or people jerk you around.

My cash jar is full. My home less so. And I feel like I can soar. It feels great.

And it all comes down to garbage. What are you doing with your garbage?

Attia Book:

  • Your metabolism uses garbage cells when you fast before tearing into perfectly functioning one and uses those building blocks for energy – intermittent fasting

Hone – What stand in my wa

Story: The wood pile and moving wood

  • Junk
  • Clerical project of redoing the drive shaft or whatever
  • Storage of useful things being out an about

Hone – time to do better

  • Make space for what matters

As I journey through the household purge, which is taking weeks so far, I realize that in the same way that exercise helps improve your mental health, this process of removing physical road blocks is helping me get through emotional and mental garbage I have kept around because it is comfortable. It is also not serving me.

One can only conclude that cutting the garbage from your life is as important as building the life you choose. If you leave the garbage around, it gets in the way.

Deep Dive into Garbage:

  • Physical Garbage – Clutter – Things that may be useful “one day.”
    • That time you donated the thing, then needed the thing 4 months later
    • Craigslist/flea markets as storage systems
    • Every item you have requires maintenance
    • Mold, degeneration – tools example
  • Sentimental Garbage: Story of the family table. 
    • With parents, grandparents and step parents, my sister and I stand to acquire FOUR households of stuff. FOUR. 
    • The year of cleaning out a dead parent’s home
    • Grandma’s “Stuff” 
    • It is worth more than people are offering – the glory of the donation tax write off
  • Mental Garbage
    • My3things
    • Doubts, fears, panics, sleep problems, being unkind to people – all symptoms of mental issues
    • Nighttime emotion eating story and what I did – and what I plan to do next
    • Ongoing maintenance and down time (for me)
  • Association/People Garbage
    • Annually, make your list of 20 and be ruthless
    • Family example – extended family vampire (addiction etc)
  • Project Garbage
    • This one is hardest for doers
    • What stands in your way? (For me clerical things and saying Yes)
    • Start with No every time a new opportunity comes up to fix this
    • What projects are you doing because you are supposed to? Just because you are good at it does not mean the project is serving you

Yep – it is all about the garbage. I just spoke with Aurora about her developing off grid homestead in Texas and she is ALL EXCITED about her bio digester. She is turning her scraps into cooking gas. In other words, her garbage is being eliminated and turned into positive forward momentum in a very tangible way. And the stories about it are building her content business. She told me she cant cook with it every day but that she loves that is replaces some days worth of cooking energy. She is managing her garbage well.

Are you? If not, start with one thing, add it to your 3 things, and let’s do this together. Let’s bust through the garbage to create space for opportunities.

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 




When I decide to make granola, my second question is: What do I feel like eating for a month or so? (The first question is: Do I have enough oats?)

Over the decades, I’ve used a number of grains, always in combination with regular rolled oats – never quick oats because I don’t like their faintly bitter flavor – and now simply use gluten-free organic oats.

The composition is never the same twice. You’ll surely want to adjust to your preferences.

Caution: This is a hearty mixture. I take it backpacking.

Read more