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Welcome to Friday everyone – the day that for some of us is the beginning of a few marvelous days of focusing on building things just for ourselves and our families. Weekends are not just for watching football and binge drinking, nope. They are a great time to pre-record content for your content business, get that quail system set up, or finish installing your new bathroom sink. They are when we tend to have more time for friends and recreation, unless we have built our lives differently.

Today, I was supposed to do a short show – a thought of the walk. And this week, I prerecorded an interview with Tim Cook. And I looked at what y’all are talking about on Mewe and on Telegram and I realized that you need to hear this interview NOW, not a week from now. So we will have a nice chat with Tim, from the people’s republik of Canada, about lessons learned from starting both his content creation business and his handyman one. 

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Today we have a listener variety show based on emails y’all have sent me. On the docket today is:

  • Caring for chickens from Jennifer
  • More Ice Preparedness Tips from Debi
  • Do I need to order “Espresso” beans or “Espresso” roast for my fancy new espresso maker from Chris
  • Thoughts on Dealing with a skittish goat by Nicole Sauce

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Today we have eight hacks for improving your productivity. Over the last two months, I have taken a good hard look at finding ways to find a better balance between working other important pursuits. Because grow= less personal time, but it does not have to. 

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March 6, Saturday, at 2pm CT!

Hosted by Nicole Sauce.

We can go six months without resupply at the Holler Homestead. A year if we “do without” some of our luxury items. This has eased the pressure on my shopping budget, saved me TONS of time at the grocery store and helped me build self care into my day-to-day routine.

This webinar covers the evolution from daily grocery shopping to a pantry that empowers me, pantry management best practices and more!

Use the following form to sign up – there will be a recorded version if you are unable to make the live session.

March 2021 Pantry Management Webinar

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  • March 2, 2021 at 2pm CT. $50 for nonmembers, free for members. (Honor system for registration)
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Covered in this webinar

  • The evolution from daily grocery shopping to a six month rotation of most home items
  • Habits you can build into your life to reduce reliance on external inputs
  • Doubling versus a “Big Pantry Buy”
  • Using Jack Spirko’s Method of doubling to stock your pantry without seeing the hit to your budget
  • Easy Stock Management
  • Pest Protection

Pantry Management Questions

Today we have an interview show with someone who has had an interesting life journey from engineer to founding an organization dedicated to farthing sustainable lifestyles. David Bolt joins me to talk about building sustainability into your lifestyle and talks about the Sustainable Future Center in Knoxville.

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Today by listener request, I explain how the Holler Neighborhood works as a community, as well as cover some of the history of how we ended up here.

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The BIG FREEZE is upon us and today, I will share with you what is necessary to get ready for such a weather event on a homestead in the south – because we do not build for this kind of weather even though it hits about every three to five years.

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Today I am joined by David and Karen Magee, founders of the Station at 19e and recent hosts of the freedom cell meetup in East Tennessee to talk about designing your retirement business.

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Today we have a listener feedback show. It’s all about YOU! We will talk about: Do you have a reading list that I could work on to increase my critical thinking & independent thought skills? from Lydia; A recipe for using up salsa from Hillary and Joshua; A sketchy real estate tale from Pat; and Masks and Vaccines from Garth.

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