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Join us for a green chili celebration! Demos, tours, camaraderie and fun.

Location: Lancaster, TN – 1 hour east of Nashville

Day Pass $25: Sept 18, from 12pm-6pm (Includes mid afternoon lunch)

Weekend Pass $50: Sept 18, 12pm – Sept 19, 10am (Includes mid afternoon lunch, evening snacks, and breakfast)

BYOB – we will have coolers

Schedule and food and beverage provided is listed below the registration form.

This event is sold out, please email me to see about the waiting list. nicole@livingfreeintennessee.com

Food and Beverage Provided

  • Lemonade
  • Water
  • Coffee or iced coffee


  • Green chili mac n cheese
  • Green chili beef stew (Keto friendly)
  • Green chili Enchilada casserole
  • Green chili salsa and chips/pork rinds
  • Green chili ice cream (Bryan’s annual custard)
  • (More as people let us know what they plan to bring)

Sunday breakfast

  • eggs
  • breakfast meat
  • Green chili salsa
  • tortillas
  • breakfast potatoes
  • coffee

Saturday Schedule

  • 12pm – arrive and socialize
  • 1pm – salsa canning demo
  • 2pm – property walk
  • 3pm – lunch
  • 4-6pm – yard games and hang out (Day pass folks head home)
  • 6-? – snacks, campfire if it makes sense, hang out, camping


  • 8:30 – breakfast
  • 10am – end

Children with parental supervision are welcome until 6pm Saturday. Absolutely NO PETS. Tickets are nonrefundable.

Today we talk more about Holler Dollars, the Flood,  and where to move in Tennessee if you are immigrating from another state. These are all questions and comments from listeners.


Mozzarella Webinar THIS THURSDAY

Oct 15-17 – Back to the Land Festival: https://www.backtothelandfestival.com/

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Tomato Sauce
  • Round of animal feed
  • Venison Shoulder Roast to soup
  • Working on ordering in Green Chilies for Green Chili Day (There will be Green Chili Ice cream!) (Sign up link)

Operation Independence

  • Hip Camp
  • Car Fund

Main topic of the Show: Listener Feedback Show

Holler Dollars

From Sue:

I had two questions from an academic point of view. 1) in your example about Jenni and the garlic. That is technical not a barter situation. What you described is essentially creating another currency based in garlic. Because you’ve set a value for garlic that you’ll honor no mater what, even if you have elastic demand for garlic. For instance, say she plants an entire lawn of garlic and brings it to the pantry for 10,000 credits. Under the system you described, her garlic is as good as currency even if you can’t use her garlic.

My second question is more of a philosophical one. If the framework of the holler is not paying the labor the equivalent of at least minimum wage in the Tennessee economy, then is it really independence? Why do you need to come up with a food value for the labor that is nor based on the real market value of the labor absent the neighbors? I guess what I am asking is, how much would it cost to run the holler if your neighbors did not exist. Isn’t that the value exactly? My worry is that there are legal cases where work contracts made in sub economies where labor is valued at less than minimum wage can be considered servitude under the law and litigious.

I’m not saying either of the above will happen of course. Just playing out your scenarios from a purely argumentative point of view absent the fact that these are your friends and neighbors

Leos: Incorporated Approach

Where to Move in Tennessee?

I found you via Jack Spirko. My family and I are soon to be refugees from California. We are in pursuit of a new location to settle and build community. Tennessee is on our list to explore suitability for us. Can you recommend any areas in Tennessee worth looking into? Thanks so much,


What Coffee Maker Should I Buy?

From Gary Hey, Nicole! I hear you on multiple shows: Unloose, LFTN, TSP. I can’t recall which show it was on (probably not Unloose), but you offered advice on coffee makers I’m having trouble finding that episode, and I’m in hopes you can point me in the right direction (or just send me the makes and models :-).

Love listening to you in all those places. Keep up the great work!

Link to TSP Episode on coffee makers

Make it a great week!

Song: The Flood by Sauce

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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Today, we go waaaay back to August 2019 and revisit the basics: How to take control of your overwhelming world by using the #my3Things. If you have ever wandererd how I get so much done – this is how.


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Today, we talk about what to do with your pantry at the end of August, whether you are on a homestead or living in the city.


Webinar on Making Mozarella

Green Chili Day Registration is Live

Stump the Sauce

You seem like a really cool lady with a good heart and I like your goals for independance and living free and wish you well on your quest. I do have a question regarding trading and bartering within a small neighborhood of “like-minded people”. My father was born in 1937 and pines away at how everyone worked together for a common goal, say threshing wheat/oats and how people used to work together. I ask what happened? Because my point of view is I don’t even know these people he would talk about so fondly from childhood memory. He retorts “We all became independent and stopped having to get along, so we don’t”. So, it seems these barter systems are transient and dependent on most within the group being of either similar socioeconomic status or as the time ethnic decent, and Dad always seems to talk about the riff that severed relationship X or Y . Just thoughts. Love your show.

Main topic of the Show:  End of Summer Pantry Management

This morning, the weather had turned “morning cool” once again and you know what that means, right? Winter is coming and along with it the need to be fully stocked up, have firewood, and have the animals taken care of.

One of the reasons that store shortages are not very concerning to us here in the Holler is that we have been maintaining a good pantry for many years. But that doesnt mean we will not have to go without if things do not come back in stock. 

This week, we have had a cool reprieve amid the hottest days of the year. We have stowed and stashed jars of winter storage. We have “used up” commercial products as part of a busy week of travel. 

This month, we have dug a giant ditch behind the house, completely taken out everything in the prepper pantry to rerun gas, electrical, and water. Things are a bit stirred up and it is time to do the late summer pantry project.

If you are new to pantry management, or an old hand at it, this time of year tends to lead to the same place: it is time to audit, reorganize, and plan the next steps in advance of winter. If you are lucky enough to have AC, this is also an excuse to stay cool during the hottest part of the day while making forward progress.

Failure to take this time now leads to that one can of sauerkraut that stays in the back corner of your pantry, getting moved each time you do, until it is so old that you don’t even want to feed it to your pigs. 

How do I know? I moved that can of sauerkraut 8 times before I realized I was never going to eat it. That can of sauerkraut was the first step toward proper pantry management – as in store what you actually eat — and it started me on a very different path in food management long before I discovered my love of preserving and storing food in abundance.

So what does the Summer Project Look like?

  1. Review long term and short term storage
  2. Make 2 piles for each place: Use up, store it
  3. Put everything away with the use up items in front on shelves and the store it items harder to get to (pull things from long term storage that really need to be worked into your meal plans)
  4. Freezers if you have them
  5. Make a list of what is missing for the winter: flour, sugar, hot coco, paper towels, fire starters, first aid and toiletries, meats, veggies, etc
  6. Set a schedule to restock – there is still farm abundance to preserve and things often have early fall sales. Advanced: buying for next summer at the end of this one!
  7. Do this same process for livestock and pets

The first time I did this: 2 weeks – now it is a 1 day thing. (explain why)

Next 2 weeks meal plan

Landing: High times and spare – you will be as supply secure as you can be without wasting time and money on things you will never use.

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Make it a great week!GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce.


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Today, I will run you through a typical Saturday on a homestead in the heat of summer as everything needs life support to survive and is getting ripe and ready to eat and process.

Reminder: Mozzarella Making Webinar


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Today is a thought of the walk episode – a collection of short thoughts shared on a variety of topics. These thoughts are shared on Odysee every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, then produced as an audio podcast every other Friday.


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Today, I share thoughts about getting your mindset right after a day of training at Tactical Response (tacticalresponse.com)


Main topic of the Show: Mindset

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Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce


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Today, I talk with Matthew Sercely to discuss using the tax code to your advantage and his new company, Agorist Tax Advice.


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An avid mystery reader and lover of (occasional) sweets, I just had to publish this deceptively simple recipe. It’s served at tea in Nancy Atherton’s book Aunt Dimity and the Widow’s Curse. I hope you’ll enjoy both the cookies and the book.

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Today is the second in a  series about how to build and launch your home or craft coffee roasting business. We will cover branding and packaging


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