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Homestead Happenings for June 5, 2024 – Ep 925

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Today we talk about weaning Little Sheep, what is growing in the garden, time for garlic harvest, canning season kickoff, and more.

Featured Event: East TN Homesteaders Alliance Festival

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Big Picture: How is the new schedule going?


  • Day Lillies
  • Jewelweed story
  • Scoping out jerusalem artichokes
  • Thornless blackberries will be ripe next week



  • My golden finch
  • Weaning Stormy
  • Fodder trees to Rabbits, Sheep, and Goats
  • Duck Jail
  • Sick pets
  • Fans on the rabbits



  • Squash is looking good in the garden
  • Cucumbers are starting to take off
  • 50% shade cloth
  • First Ripe Tomato Soon
  • Longer than usual tomato vines


Holler Neighbors/Community

  • GSD At Shawn Mills
  • More Automotive Mix and Match
  • Bresse Chicken Eggs



  • Repairing a wood chipper to begin post treemageddon cleanup
  • How many wood boring bees can you fit in one shower pipe?



  • Operation Eyesore is starting to pay off

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!


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