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Ten Principles of Canning – EP 923

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Today, I run through my ten principles for canning. We will also cover canning basics for those of you who have not tried your own home canning.

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Friday, 10:30AM,  Homestead Happenings With The Tactical Redneck

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Canning Pickled Beets
  • Nervous about green beans
  • Meal planning, pile of meat style
  • Organizing meals for when I am away

Weekly Shopping Report from Joe

At Home Depot, a 2x4x8 is still $3.48. The store was fairly busy on multiple trips here on different days. On a later trip, I picked up a small Midea window AC unit I had ordered, a very efficient inverter model that I should be able to run with solar power if the need arises. Home Depot’s price on it was actually slightly cheaper than Amazon’s. They also had the blacktop patching “stuff” we needed for a spot on the driveway; sometimes they haven’t had it.

Aldi: They were busy on all three days, with multiple checkout lines going. We found everything we wanted except for cantaloupes, as they were few and miserable. I found a couple of better ones today. Staple prices were: bread (20 oz. white): $1.35; eggs: $2.67 (++); whole milk: $2.83; heavy cream: $5.39; OJ: $3.45 (+}; butter: $3.59; bacon: $3.99; potatoes: $4.49; sugar: $2.99; flour: $2.35; and 80% lean ground beef: $3.79.

A gallon of untainted regular gasoline remains at $3.599.

Frugality Tip From Christie

My frugal tip is not a money tip, it’s a time tip  

Watering trees:  Hubby and I spent way too much time watering new trees around our property.  We found some cheap five gallon buckets, drilled four holes in the bottom using his smallest drill bit. Now to water a tree, we put the bucket beside the tree on the up side if it’s on a hill and fill the bucket up and walk away. Let the bucket do the work.  The water slowly drains out of the bucket into the ground to the roots where you want the water, not running off because the hose delivers the water too fast.

Main topic of the Show: Ten Principles of Canning

  1. Be Fearless – But Not Too Fearless
  2. Know The Why
  3. USDA Tested Recipes Really Are Safer
  4. Fresh Is Best
  5. Don’t Can Things You Don’t Like
  6. Embrace Botulism Basics
  7. Don’t Guess
  8. When In Doubt Throw It Out
  9. Eat What You Most Want First
  10. Have Fun

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce.