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Episode 643 – Short Term or Permanent Fix?

Today is a recounting of a conversation between Tactical Redneck and me about long-term solutions on the homestead versus short-term fixes. When is it best to invest the time and […]


Episode 638 – Forgive

Today, we will talk not about being forgiven, but about why it is so important to forgive those around you if you want to build the life you choose. Download […]


Episode 633 – The Debrief

After a week to assess SRF, today is the Great Debrief of the event. The good, the bad, the ugly, the money. Download Live streams this week Tuesday Interview Show […]


Episode 627: On Like-Mindedness

Today we take a bit of a dive into finding like-minded people should mean, if it is a good idea, and how to make community work. Download Livestream Schedule: Joel […]


Episode 618 – Learning New Things

Today, we will talk about learning new things as you dive into homesteading or anything else. I realized over the weekend that we have many new listeners interested in growing […]


Episode 613: Winter is Coming

It is a tradition in August to talk about what we are doing to get ready for winter here at the Holler Homestead. Why? Because waiting until that first frost […]


Episode 607 – Homestead Bootcamp

Today we talk about getting ready for our first round of homestead bootcamp with a listener who purchased land and wants to come here and see up close and personal […]