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Episode 607 – Homestead Bootcamp

Today we talk about getting ready for our first round of homestead bootcamp with a listener who purchased land and wants to come here and see up close and personal […]


Episode 601: Choosing Liberty with Bradley Bleasdale

Today we have a fun conversation with Bradley Bleasdale: Raw milk producer, freedom fellow, and founder of a preparedness training center. Download Open House: Saturday 9am-1pm. Bring a dish to […]


Episode 595 – Money Mornings

Today we talk about Money Morning and how I am using them to increase revenue through tricking myself into focusing on something important with a gimmick. Download Webinar: Canning Beef […]


Episode 587 – Revisit #My3things

Today I walk through #my3things as well as discuss why LFTN came to be and also why preparing for life is what is needed to thrive. Epoch Times covers Self […]


Episode 584 – Back to the Basics

Today, we take a step back to the basics. You know, the shoulds, the coulds and the I cant’s. The things that are relatively easy to handle but get pushed […]


Episode 574: Fostering Functional Community

Today is a response to a question from a listener who wanted to know how it is that the LFTN Community is so functional, mostly spam and scam free, and […]


Episode 568 – Find Your Special Sauce

Today, we dive deeper into a concept that came out at the LFTN Spring Workshop: Finding and embracing your Special Sauce. Download Exit and Build Land Summit Self Reliance Festival […]