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Episode 464: A Homestead In Summer

 Today, I will run you through a typical Saturday on a homestead in the heat of summer as everything needs life support to survive and is getting ripe and […]


Episode 459: Saving Seeds in Summer

Today, I will talk through how to save seeds from XX kinds of summer plants and why you should do it. Was interviewed on Deborah Gets Red Pilled: Mozzarella […]


Episode 457: Holler Neighbors Food Cooperative

 Today is a thought experiment on the Holler Neighbor Food Cooperative idea. Problem we solve: How everyone who is working in our community to gain value from the land […]


Episode 451 – Freeze Drying Adventure

 The addition of the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer has been a fun adventure here at the Holler Homestead so when John Davis reached out to do a show based […]


Episode 450 – Which Witch is Which?

 Today we will talk about the witchiness of homesteading and why what seems so strange to some is simply living. Meat canning webinar Download


Episode 447 – Homesteading in a Hard Year

 Today we talk about what it is like to live the homestead life in a year filled with personal challenges and problems. This is a follow up on “what […]


Episode 444 – Why Meet In Person?

 Over the weekend, we had all sorts of community happenings at the holler homestead and it got me to thinking about meeting in person and how important that it. […]


Episode 442 – Pressure Canning Corn

Do you have your pressure canner sitting all shiny in your kitchen and are you afraid to use it? I will talk through how to pressure can corn on today’s […]