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Episode 815 – 4 Lessons From The Holler Homestead Remodel

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Today, we have a show on the lessons I have learned from this year’s remodel that apply to homesteading in general. I will also cover our usual Monday segments.

Featured Event from the Weekly Mail: Winter Market and Dance, Dec 2, The War Room in Strawberry Plains, TN, 11am

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Livestream Schedule

  • Monday, 2pm: Four Lessons Learned from The Great 2023 Home Renovation
  • Tuesday, 12:pm: Tuesday Live with J. A. Dudley and John Willis
  • Wednesday, 10am: Wednesday Interview with Mary Bryant Schrader
  • Friday, 9:30am: Homestead Happenings

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Life without spices
  • Bone broth every day, working through frozen bones before canned bone broth
  • New cow has arrived, + a text from a friend
  • Looking forward to setting up my winter lettuce area

Weekly Shopping Report from Joe

We took the short version (no Home Depot stop) of our usual trip on Saturday.

Dollar Tree was first. Still no energy drinks in the coolers, but they have plenty on the shelf. The food coolers are pretty full, the drink coolers perhaps a little more than half full now. They’ve been generally a little busier than in past months, with a single line generally insufficient for the number of customers. It’s not food they’re buying; I still see a lot of party-crap being sold.

We didn’t stop at Home Depot, but looking online, a 2x4x8 has taken a pretty big drop, to $3.18. Their Black Friday deals have apparently started, so we’ll make a point of visiting soon.

Aldi was the second stop. I saw a couple more price drops, and no increases since last week. Staple prices were: eggs: $1.11; milk: $3.06; heavy cream: $4.69; OJ: $3.19; butter: $2.99 (drop #1); bacon: $4.49; potatoes: $3.49; flour: $1.99 (drop #2 but might have dropped last week); sugar: $3.09. I may add ground beef to the list; 80% was $4.19/lb.

A gallon of untainted regular remains at $3.899. I really like that the Kona gets ~28-30mpg.

Frugality Tip from Steven with a video

Turn your basket into a lift: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/#label/Frugality+Tip/FMfcgzGtxdWzDxsZqqfvCBFWKfszrcpr?projector=1

Operation Independence

Thoughts on living in the glamper and why it is a good thing.

Main topic of the Show:  Lessons From The Holler Homestead Remodel

Background on the perpetual remodel of 2023

Why now?

What I tried before and what happened?

Lesson One: Home is the source of rejuvenation +what it means

Lesson Two: Advice: Take a year before making BIG decisions on your homestead, or take 16, whatever. You need to know what you really want and that can change over time. +what it means

Lesson Three: The Power of Community, Connections, and Know Thyself. +what it means

Lesson Four: Time an advance, long term vision make living with the chaos much easier. (The plans, the schedule, the camper) +what it means

How this related to living the life you choose on your terms and the perpetually changing kitchen. Also thoughts on how this will impact unpacking +what it means

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce.