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Episode 359: Pantry and Root Cellar Management

We have talked about pantry management a ton this year, but I got a question asking for me to go over how I manage my pantry during the youtube livestream of the Winter is Coming show for 2020 so I thought I would share with yall what I do here, with the space and other […]


Episode 289: Five Pantry Storage Ideas

Today we talk about five ideas for storing your pantry items in a way that is easy to access, or at least easy to manage. Direct Download #HollerHatWednesday, Where is she and what is she doing? Announcements April 9 at 12pm CST there will be a Webinar: Introduction to Cheesemaking Thursday, April 2, we will […]


Episode 283: A Pantry Restocking System

Today, we continue the pantry management series with a discussion about how to keep your pantry stocked once you get things organized in there and have built up a store of supplies. Remember, this is all founded in store what you use, use what you store to tag off of Jack Spirko’s recommendations. And restocking […]


Episode 279: Build Your Pantry the Right Way

Today I want to do another segment in the series of developing and managing a responsible pantry. I we will cover how to stock your pantry without running to the store and spending $1000 with a concept called “doubling”, as well as why you may want to start a pantry journal for a time. #HollerHatWednesday: […]


Episode 270: How To Purge and Organize Your Pantry

The pantry here has been working well and getting a pantry to work for you rather than become a stuff collecting problem, you may need to do a purge and organize. So today we talk about how to take this on. Direct Download


Episode 218: Pantry Management 101

Someone asked me to elaborate on something that has always seemed simple to me: Load from the back and take from the front in your pantry. So I got to thinking: most of us are not taught how to manage our pantries and so when we talk about building food stability into your life through […]


Episode 166: Preparing the Pantry for Summer

Today we will talk about the annual process of preparing for summer in the pantry. You see, we are moving from eating what we have stored in large part to eating fresh foods and storing the excess and with that comes the need to audit, reorganize and plan for the coming year. #HollerHatWednesday: Where is […]


Episode 367 – Life Plan Q & A

Today, we have a hybrid show both live on Youtube and recorded for the audio podcast. The last few Mondays, we have discussed the process of developing your life’s vision and purpose. Some folks have had questions as they dive in, so I will take these questions today. Direct Download


Episode 362: Move Forward Into 2021

 Stop wasting time on an election and join me today on a journey. A weekly journey to create the life you want to live. Where the environment in which you find yourself is just that — an environment, not your master — you the slave. This will be a four part series, each Monday […]


Episode 360: Ask Nicole

Today is a show where you get to ask me questions and I will answer them. Find out where I get the closing songs for Monday’s show, why you should boil your pressure-canned foods before you eat them, how to integrate a new goat on the homestead and more. We will be livestreaming the recording […]