Pantry Management Practices Webinar Registration

March 6, Saturday, at 2pm CT!

Hosted by Nicole Sauce.

We can go six months without resupply at the Holler Homestead. A year if we “do without” some of our luxury items. This has eased the pressure on my shopping budget, saved me TONS of time at the grocery store and helped me build self care into my day-to-day routine.

This webinar covers the evolution from daily grocery shopping to a pantry that empowers me, pantry management best practices and more!

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March 2021 Pantry Management Webinar

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  • March 2, 2021 at 2pm CT. $50 for nonmembers, free for members. (Honor system for registration)
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Covered in this webinar

  • The evolution from daily grocery shopping to a six month rotation of most home items
  • Habits you can build into your life to reduce reliance on external inputs
  • Doubling versus a “Big Pantry Buy”
  • Using Jack Spirko’s Method of doubling to stock your pantry without seeing the hit to your budget
  • Easy Stock Management
  • Pest Protection