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Episode 218: Pantry Management 101

Someone asked me to elaborate on something that has always seemed simple to me: Load from the back and take from the front in your pantry. So I got to […]


Episode 627: On Like-Mindedness

Today we take a bit of a dive into finding like-minded people should mean, if it is a good idea, and how to make community work. Download Livestream Schedule: Joel […]


Episode 618 – Learning New Things

Today, we will talk about learning new things as you dive into homesteading or anything else. I realized over the weekend that we have many new listeners interested in growing […]


Episode 613: Winter is Coming

It is a tradition in August to talk about what we are doing to get ready for winter here at the Holler Homestead. Why? Because waiting until that first frost […]


Episode 607 – Homestead Bootcamp

Today we talk about getting ready for our first round of homestead bootcamp with a listener who purchased land and wants to come here and see up close and personal […]


Episode 601: Choosing Liberty with Bradley Bleasdale

Today we have a fun conversation with Bradley Bleasdale: Raw milk producer, freedom fellow, and founder of a preparedness training center. Download Open House: Saturday 9am-1pm. Bring a dish to […]