Replay Episode 279: Build Your Pantry Right Away

This episode was recorded in March 2020 right before lockdowns were enacted. This was the year of the great TP shortage and folks who had never thought about having more than a few days’ worth of food on hand were thrust into keeping several weeks on hand. As we turn the corner into supply chain problems, this topic has again arisen. Please enjoy this replay episode on how to build a deep pantry right away rather than over time – which is the better way.


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Episode 279: Build Your Pantry the Right Way

2 episodes to listen to

  1. Load from the back, take from the front – as in the grocery stores
    1. Avocado Oil Example
    2. Now they are out of it at the store due to service interruptions — NBD
  2. The food journal (1 month)
    1. Never needed to do this but did not have a large family
    2. You will find yourself knowing how much of a thing you use
  3. Doubling
    1. Take advantage of sales too!

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GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce.