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Episode 437: What Really Matters?

 Today we will discuss what really matters in the new world order, the great reset, and many other “conspiracies” that are turning out to be based in truth. Download


Episode 431: Your Best Life with Patrick Roehrman

 Patrick Roehrman of MTKnives joins me today to talk about creating your best life. We recorded this right after the LFTN Spring Workshop. Download Thought of the Walk Series […]


Episode 429 – Cicada Invasion

 The invasion of BroodX is coming. No! It is here. Will your trees die? Will you get hurt? Do you need to protect your animals and children? We will […]


Episode 427 – Find Your Reset

Today we talk about finding your reset in times of high productivity, overwhelming task lists and ever-changing requirements that come from living the life you want to live. Download


Episode 418 – What are you afraid of?

 What are you afraid of? What is the worst that can happen? What keeps you up at night. Join me today as we take a little look under the […]


Episode 415 – What are you waiting for?

 Today, we will take a deeper dive into things that hold you back, why they do, and what to do next. That’s right – Spring has sprung, Easter has […]


Episode 410 – Success with Mentors

 Today, I will highlight two examples to approaching someone you may want as a mentor, or from whom you would just like a little advice. Why does this matter? […]