We think you’ll love the flavor of the Southwest and grilled vegetables. Serve the salad warm or chilled.

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Warm your insides with a spicy, satisfying meal that needs only rice and a salad or vegetable to be complete.

This crockpot adaptation makes dinner prep easy on a busy day. Read more

Here’s a practical meal-in-one dish with a flair. Roast your own peppers or buy a jar to save time. Add a crisp salad and sherbet for dessert if you’re staying home, or take this along to the next summer night potluck.

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It’s safe to say that people attending the LFTN Spring Workshop 2022 enjoyed the food as well as the nearly perfect weather. The kitchen crew kept us full and healthy through more than 70 pounds of bacon and 360 eggs, 15 gallons of soup or stew, 6 bus bins of fresh greens, 2½ gallons of salad dressing, and main dishes based on beef, chicken, rabbit, turkey, venison, fish, and pork.

Here are a few of their special recipes.

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Try one of Nicole Sauce’s signature dishes, as enjoyed in recent weeks at Hatch Chili Weekend. Read more

Much like a walking taco salad or 7-layer dip, this is a party-worthy main dish salad with innumerable variation possibilities.

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When cold or flu threaten, and even if they’ve caught hold, this folk remedy does the trick.

In our family, if one person catches an upper respiratory or fevered ailment, that person drinks 4 one-ounce doses a day to stave off symptoms and shorten the length of the illness. Everyone else takes it preventatively. Read more

So simple and so good when the tomatoes are still warm from the vine!

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When the corn’s in the garden or cheap, cucumbers threaten to take over your counters, herbs are loving the heat, and tomatoes have ripened, try this fresh, fresh side dish.

This very easy condiment adds zing but doesn’t also bring on a case of onion mouth. We use it sometimes in simplest form – onion and salt – and sometimes with lemon or lime juice.

I love red onions for both flavor and cheerful color, though any onion works: yellow, white, or scallions. Read more