Jacque Tahuka Nuñez is an outstanding singer and storyteller, a self-made businesswoman, and an excellent cook. What makes the Acjachemen elder rare is her blanket invitation, “Just stop by for dinner.”

Here’s a sample from her table.

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It’s Mothers’ Day, early, and granddaughters want to come over. The 7-year-old walks in, lugging a 9X13″ pan full of her newest recipe and a jar of homemade bath salts in Grandma’s favorite color.

What fun!

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If you love your after-dinner espresso and your Black or White Russian, try this derivative – made with great coffee, of course. Read more

Ah, summer squash. Which variety is your favorite? Capitalize on the ease and speed of this side dish that’s good for most restricted diets. I won’t specify ingredient amounts, but a rule of thumb is one 6″ squash per adult eater. Read more