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Episode 894 – Nicole Sauce Unplugged

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Join me for a show on anything you ask, plus what has been on my mind of late including wwIII, reacting in fear, Is the homestead life easy, and what to do when your competitor says, “I’m Coming For You”. 

Featured Event: June 9 Poultry Processing Class in the Holler: https://www.livingfreeintennessee.com/product/poultry-processing-workshop-ticket/

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Livestream Schedule

LFTN YT: https://www.youtube.com/@lftn/streams 


🎙️ Monday, 2:00pm, Nicole Unplugged

🎙️ Tuesday, 12:30pm, Tuesday Live with Shawn Mills and John Willis, Special Operations Equipment

🎙️ Wednesday, 2:00pm, Interview with John Davis

🎙️ Thursday, 7:00pm, SRF Live with Midwest Preparedness Project and Kentucky Sustainable Living

🎙️ Friday, 9:30am, Homestead Happenings with Tactical Redneck

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • AJ is in the house and we are doing a final push in the prepper pantry this week in advance of the LFTN Spring Workshop
  • Last minute event chili for the potluck this weekend
  • Tossing the frozen greens
  • New pantry racks from Grumpy Acres

Weekly Shopping Report from Joe

Dollar Tree is no longer on our rounds because it is not the best way to get a dose of caffein for our shopping day.

We hit both Hobby Lobby (for Sonia) and Lowe’s (for me). Although we did not go to Home Depot, a 2x4x8 there has gone up again, to $3.73. 

Aldi was next. They did not have any lettuce, but other produce was available in normal amounts. They also only had half a case of canned cat food. Staple prices were: eggs: $2.05; whole milk: $2.86; heavy cream: $5.19; OJ: $3.29; butter: $3.69; bacon: $4.25; potatoes: $3.99; sugar: $3.09; flour: $2.35; and 80% lean ground beef: $4.09. Despite rumblings I’m reading about a cocoa shortage, the 70% chocolate I like was available, and still at the usual price of $1.99.

We’re out of lettuce, so our last stop was Food City. They had some, although many of the heads were rather light, and some showed more rot than usual. I also grabbed a case of Friskies cans and a 22 lb. bag of the Meow Mix that our cats ask for by name.

A gallon of untainted regular gasoline remains at $3.599.

Frugality Tip from Margo

Make your own mixes and sauces. I have been making my own taco seasoning for years but today I made enchilada sauce. 

Someone loves the ground pork enchiladas I make and wanted to make some, but did not have enchilada sauce in the pantry. So I went to Online (Pinterest) and looked up a recipe. Making it from scratch, you can adjust the seasoning to your own liking and what you have on hand.  I used bone broth instead of vegetable stock; I used olive oil not grapeseed oil, I used more garlic and less Cinnamon than the recipe called for. Recipes are guidelines, they are not set in stone. Use what you like to eat and don’t be afraid to substitute or omit ingredients.

I actually have enough to save half for next time.  Next I will make homemade tortillas, I know Nicole says they are so easy to make, but one thing at a time. 

Go make something you haven’t made before.


Operation Independence

  • Someone backed out of our ram so we decided to process it ourselves saving nearly $100


Main topic of the Show: Nicole Sauce Unplugged


Reacting in fear


Is homesteading life easy?

Im coming for you


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Make it a great week!




GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce.