Homesteaders Are Awful Salespeople – Ep 895

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Join me for an interview with John Davis from Laughlin Farms all about homesteaders and our hesitation to sell.

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John Davis is a resident of beautiful Columbiana county Ohio and is a homesteader, rancher, engineer, and owner of a business that is a professional outsourced sales firm for high tech industrial automation companies. On the homestead front, he and his wife and kids raise and direct market St. Croix sheep, heritage turkeys, pasture raised chicken, and heritage Berkshire pork. The Davis homestead also has two horses, and John is training to be a discount wannabe cowboy in pursuit of impressing his wife. Professionally, John is the second generation owner of Paul Davis Automation, and has been a professional salesperson in the industrial automation space for over 15 years.

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Instagram – @laughlinhighlandsfarm

1. Why are homesteaders awful salespeople?
2. But, aren’t salespeople annoying and out trying to fleece their customers in pursuit of maximum profit? I just want to help people out and sell my stuff as cheap as possible!
3. Why is profit so important if my homestead isn’t my main job?
4. How do I even know if I am profitable? What is COGS, gross margin, net margin, how do I calculate them, and how do they apply to my homestead operations?
5. How do I write a business plan for my homestead? How do I actually go into business? Isn’t this super expensive and complicated? I just want to sell whatever I grow. Why would I overcomplicate my life?
6. I’m already doing everything we talked about, but I am awful at selling. How do I be a better salesperson for my homestead? Can I practice sales, even if I am an introvert?
7. A lot of homestead content is focused on the growing aspects of homesteading. How do I actually get my product to market? How do I determine if I should direct market or use the sale barn?