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Homestead Happenings for March 15 2024 – Ep 881

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Today we talk about things catching on fire that should not be on fire, a surprise home invasion, a rabbit update, and more!

Featured Event: Seed Exchange and Potluck, Tomorrow 1-3pm

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Listener Feedback

Just listened to your podcast talking about your troubles with the dishwasher and oven. Don’t have any words of wisdom for the dishwasher, but the oven, if the igniter is glowing and the gas is not coming on, the issue still could be with the igniter. If it’s glowing more of a red orange then a white orange, it might be cracked or just not getting hot enough for the controller to bring on the gas. I don’t know if there’s a way to diagnose it other than just by the color or replacing it, but had that issue a number of years ago on my parents oven and replacing the igniter fixed it.

Hope that can be of help,


From D

I am listening to a rather new episode. 

So this is my pantry porn, it is sooooo bad. You know those Crates for traveling with cats on a plane? Well, when you unscrew them each half takes about 12 mason jars. And they fit under the couch. Lovely. I use screw top bottles – I am not in the States to use the lovely Ball jars, but am able to safely and efficiently pressure can with a canner I had to order in! 

These jars are a pint or a pint and a bit (720gr-ish).

The other photo is about managing stock. It is not 100% effective but does work. 

I got a template from somewhere and adapted it for us. The table has lines for the items, like tomato or cucumber or meat or whatever, and little empty jars. 

When I canned something it gets one line through. When it has been used, a cross. 

So this is my inventory (spelling?!) for what my husband and I use in a year (I started it in July last year, so I recorded what I still had. This year will be my second season using a pressure canner, so the volumes I can do at a time is already much higher than a silly 4 jars at a time in my small stock pot… Whoo hoo. 

Hope this may be useful. The pictures are horrible, like good pantry porn should be. 



  • Wild Mustard Flowers are here!
  • Watercress is still beat back from the flooding
  • Same early spring greens as last week


  • Rabbit ear mite update
  • 3 am home invasion
  • Moving sheep
  • Still on lamb watch
  • Eggapalooza is on
  • Something’s on fire


  • Seeds germinated!
  • Still need to plant potatoes
  • Swiss chard and parsley
  • Murdering fire ants


Holler Neighbors/Community

  • Big boost from the Eversoles
  • Reupping the monthly homesteader meetups


  • Fencing


  • No update

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!


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