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Build Your Future with The Canny Couple – Ep 880

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Join me at 2pm CT for a live interview with the Canny Couple. We will talk about their move into building a life they want to live on their terms, freedom, homesteading and more!y to it all.

Featured Event: March 17-21, 2024, Self Reliance Voices: Lessons from Legends

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About Aaron and Julia
We are a small homestead family that has been slowly building our homestead for many years, merging homesteading and frugality. We work everyday on being more self-reliant on a budget. We have officially became 100% debt free, which has lead to some amazing changes for our homestead.

Linktree – https://linktr.ee/thecannycouple

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRspWFevoyYcUuEsr9Mjgvg?sub_confirmation=1

TikTok – http://tiktok.com/@thecannycouple?lang=en

Podcast – https://fountain.fm/show/aW3kvtrG84EW2iluwcmQ

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