Episode 408 – The Sobriety Lifestyle with Kerry Brown

In honor of green beer drinking day, I thought we would have a chat with Kerry Brown a well-known community member about his journey to sobriety and how it has changed his life.

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Kerry is a 37 year old fella from East Tennessee who is living the entrepreneurial and homestead life with his wife, two cats, a dog and an ever evolving crew of livestock. He coordinates his life by following the principles of personal responsibility, working in harmony with nature and curating greater knowledge and skills.

What led to you question and change your relationship with alcohol?

How much time passed between first realizing there was a problem and taking action?

Why full sobriety versus moderation?

Can you still have fun?

Do you miss drinking?

How does sobriety and freedom fit together?

How did your friends and family react to your choice of sobriety?

What has changed for the better? The worse?

Make it a great week!

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2 replies
  1. Dori McClelland
    Dori McClelland says:

    Loved this episode. Very real. My husband and I are trying out the moderation approach, but may delve into the full sobriety realm. The social interactions are what we find the most challenging. Thank you for this episode!

    • Nicole Sauce
      Nicole Sauce says:

      For social interactions when I do not want to drink, I rely on carbonated water, or a non-alcoholic alternatice for wine or whisky or beer that actually tastes close enough. I do moderation just fine but did take about 6 months totally off before I decided to build anything back in and for some moderation will never work. No shame in that just something more to know about ones self.

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