Today, I will talk about the history of the GSD Crew, what GSD is, and why you should never let the rain stop you. Not quite sure what that means? No worries. It will all make sense later!

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Tennessee folks: The NON GO feed producer is having an Animal food and nutrition workshop – April 2.

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Pickled items are the best when you are overwhelmed and have guests
  • Corn Chips
  • Holler stew
  • Failed Bacon
  • Behind on garden planting but getting there 2 hours at a time
  • Outdoor kitchen set up season
  • Redoing Pantry storage shelves

Operation Independence

  • The Utility of Simplicity
  • Learning How to Mint Tokens — outside my comfort zone

Main topic of the Show: Don’t Let The Rain Stop You

Do you know what a GSD weekend is? Some of you do if you have been listening for a very long time. In fact, it is the Tennessee GSD Crew that really got our network off on the right foot. 

>History of the GSD Crew, the first LFTN Workshop, and our growth as a community.

This year, as you know, I am on a mission to find balance. And honestly, the idea of hosting a big group of people to help jumpstart the workshop preps was a bit overwhelming. You see, I have started the kind of house sorting that looks more like i am preparing to move out, then a house sorting. And it needs to be done so that my home empowers me rather than sucks my time. 

I had so much anxiety about this all week last week because people were going to arrive, I need to feed them, and there is no avoiding them seeing the utter chaos that is here.

Jenni could see my panic last week and offered to centralize things at Basecamp, but I opted to just suck it up. These are people who know me. Who are willing to come out and dig fence posts for petes sake. If the chaos in my house makes them uncomfortable, well, then I guess they can leave.

But you know what? That did not stop the story I was telling myself and it did not stop the anxiety either. I just decided to suck it up.

The big day came, and along with it torrential rain. Starting Thursday last week, we were glued to the weather report, hoping beyond hope that there would be a break in the rains for the big project. 

A friend reached out — are we still doing this? I said yes.

You see, I am from Oregon and if you let the rain stop you, you will never get anything done in Oregon.

On the agenda for the meetup was to install a fence. And a third composting outhouse. We had a tractor coming. We had an auger. We had posts and concrete. We had a fence stretcher. But I am not a total jerk. Jenni and I touched base about inside priorities in the event that the rain became too much to handle for outside work. 

But guys? When you have a tractor coming, you try to optimize tractor time. Rain or shine.

A few months ago — toolbox fallacy.

We do this all the time

Swimming example.

And rain is just another toolbox fallacy.

Mark, Nancy, Jenni, Landrik, Tactical, KH, Autofab, Chris, Ken, Jake

GSD Accomplishments

  • Shift focus!
  • Basecamp basement is almost completely cleared of things that are not supposed to be in there (Without causing problems here)
  • Bathroom sink at my house got installed — mostly
  • Mudroom shelves are in
  • Land cleared and stumps moved
  • Composting outhouse is framed and floored
  • Fun was had
  • Food was not as opulent as usual —but was mostly passable

Lessons Learned

  • 1 full time person running the kitchen
  • Foreman for each job
  • The international space station
  • Be real- it is always better to have a gsd weekend even if you are overwhelmed than to not move forward

And back to the rain — Don;t let it stop you. Sure, maybe in an downpour it is a bad idea to plant potatoes, but the rain should not stop forward momentum on something. And a little sprinkly should not stop the potato patch from being installed.

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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