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Episode 147: Balance your short term and long term success with #my3things

Today, we will talk about My3Things – and more specifically – how to use it to balance your long term success with short term needs. As the group that shares accountability online grows, subtleties are beginning to appear in the approach – as well as some confusion on what #my3things is and how it works. So I will quickly review the basics as well as talk about your long term success strategy and how to build it into your daily and weekly life.

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Fed a crew of 12 this weekend from the pantry
    • Sweet potato chili
    • Smoked butt, greens, corn and beans
    • Bacon and eggs
  • Holler Stew: Leftovers plus venison and tomatoes
  • The Blackstone Cooktop

What’s in Season

  • All the early spring greens – though I have not seen wild mustard yet.
  • Lettuce, leeks, peas from the AP

Operation Independence

  • GSD Weekend Happened and we now have a second composting outhouse
  • Tore down the building in front of our workshop and cleared the area to prepare for the slab pour
  • Did the earth works for the slab pour on Monday

Main topic of the Show: #My3things – covering your long term bases in a short term environment

  1. Identify why: short term push (Das Website); overcommitted; poor prioritization; wasting time on something like social media, tv, etc (tracking app).
  2. Block time to focus on the long term at least 3 days a week for a full hour. (Monday choir story)
  3. Reprogram expectations away from always available, always responsive, both from yourself and from others.

How to attack different roadblocks

TN GSD Crew Classic Rock List: (Bryan Young) 

Make it a great week!

Song: Thanks Dave, performed by Sauce

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Chef Brett

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