Episode 119: Content Planning, Energy Use and More

What do you put in your content plan? We will talk about that today. Also, we will hear from Shawn from Hack My Solar as he reviews his first power bill after changing jobs and moving to a house that is on the grid. And finally, in one of those things that happens where y’all are thinking the same thing at the same time, I will give thoughts on how to get your own podcast going. Nice that the question on that came in the same week as we are discussing content creation, right?

Spring Workshop Session Announcement: Beyond Razor Sharp Knives and Tool Sharpening, Patrick Roehrman

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Dehydrated mushrooms and how to use them
  • Cushaw squash update – last serving is in the fridge
  • Trying a new shopping method

Stump the Sauce

Tales from the Booze Whisperer

  • Cider Hollow got this segment from the booze Whisperer

Operation Independence

  • The grocery game and downsizing stuff

Content Planning, Energy Use and More

What is a content plan and why would you need one? Promoting an idea, project or product takes communication. If people don’t hear about what you are up to, they won’t “buy in.” And by “Buy in” I mean not only purchase something, but also things like download your podcast, read your blog post, spread the word about you, etc. If they do not know you or your product or service exist, things stagnate.

So, after you have set your marketing goals, know who you want to target and have an idea about the big picture message of a project, know where these folks are and what they are interested in, you need a content plan. This is even more important if the product you sell is CONTENT.

  • What is a content plan?
  • What do you need to make one?
  • Then what do you do next?

Listener Question (Victoria):
How to start a podcast on the cheap.
1. Use a podcast host like Libsyn but link to your own blog page not theirs

2. Equipment: Built in mic to see if you like it

3. Editing software: Garage Band

4. Use Auphonic to compress the crap out of the file

5. Just get going!

Make it a great week.

Song: Suicide, by Sauce

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  1. Pat
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    Great job with your podcast Nicole. You’ve come a long way and it was good from the beginning. I can imagine you having a million or more listeners per “syndicated” show 🙂

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