Episode 118: Introducing Nicole Sauce’s Thought of the Walk

Today, I kick off a new show concept for some Fridays: Thought of the Walk. You see, going for a walk clears your head and often allows you to see things that you once thought were complex into a simpler light. So tune in today for my first “Thought of the Walk.” Wonder what it will be about….

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  1. Joseph Bratcher
    Joseph Bratcher says:

    Comment on “Thought of the Walk” – 04 Jan 19. If that was the inaugural “Thought of the Walk”, then you came out of the gate strong! While everyone should still read “The Law” by Frédéric Bastiat, this podcast is a great 17 minute treatise on freedom. If you need a two minute elevator speach on why you are a libertarian (big L or little l) or what “freedom” or “liberty” means, listen to this and use her ideas. Frankly, you need to just listen to this podcast…but I’m not going to force you to listen. I might nag a little, though.

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