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Homestead Happenings for March 28, 2024 – Ep 889

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Big Pic: Spring Scramble

Schedule Next Week: two shows and a replay the following Monday


  • Dandelion flower
  • Early spring forage: deadnettle, chick weed
  • Poison hemlock everywhere


  • Baby has a name
  • Black nosed baby
  • Four and four or five and three
  • Bruny let me touch her belly and I got to feel a sheep head in there
  • Eggapalooza is on
  • Ducks are hiding eggs
  • Rabbit mites are gone
  • Sheep birthing summary – monday show


  • Second seeding of peas
  • 1 Pepper plant alive from a cutting
  • None of my pepper seedlings germinated, trying again
  • Transplanting the other seedlings
  • Direct sewing this weekend

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • Group involved in culling Red
  • SRF Bin organization


  • AC Placement just in time


  • $70 on bottle feeding Stormy so far
  • On site farm sitter costs $$

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Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!


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