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Episode 858: How Do You Find Motivation?

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Join me at 2pm Central for a live recording of the Monday podcast. Today’s topic is how to stay motivated when you just aren’t feeling it. We will also cover our usual segments: Weekly livestream schedule, Tales From the Prepper Pantry, Weekly Shopping Report, Frugality Tip (if there is one), Operation Independence.

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Tuesday 9:30am CT: Live with John Willis and Jack Spirko

Wednesday 2pm CT: Interview with Julie Wentz (Healthcare Freedom)

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • February Rsupply Bill $263 – more in operation independence
  • Mystery paper package from the freezer
  • 15 minute Monday: Taco Salad again
  • Audit dry/herbal goods as I move back in
  • Daily Bone Broth Update

Weekly Shopping Report

Dollar Tree. The drink coolers are still being neglected, with none of them any more than 3/4 full, and about half of them empty or nearly so. I noticed the mix of canned and bottled drinks on the shelf are becoming more unusual. There’s still some Monster, but it is all coffee-flavors, and a smattering of Rip-it and Rockstar, but it’s mostly stuff I don’t recall that I’ve never seen before. Other aisles look typical. The Health aisle still has a decent mix, and there are plenty of soaps and shampoos.

Home Depot was next. a 2x4x8 remains at $3.25. They have some more 4-packs of Lithium AA cells now. If you’re in need of some very light-duty tools (e.g. cordless screwdrivers, rotary brushes, a few different lights), they have more of the new Ryobi USB-charged tools in stock.

Aldi was last. We did see a few holes, but found what we wanted except for Masa, a corn flour mix. We asked again, and they get it in, but Mexicans are buying it by the case. 

Staple prices were: eggs: $1.86 (+); whole milk: $2.93; heavy cream: $4.69; OJ: $3.29; butter: $3.69; bacon: $4.25 (low-sodium was back in stock); potatoes: $3.99; sugar: $3.09; flour: $2.29; 80% lean ground beef: $3.59 (-). 

A gallon of untainted regular has stayed at $3.639.

Frugality Tip

Member Webinar: Marketing for Success with Sue Zoldak, Feb 15 at 2pm https://nicolesauce.podia.com/marketing-for-success-q-a 

Operation Independence

  • Pantry challenge and finances of homesteading and whole animals: $263 + $26 + $12 = $301

Main topic of the Show: How Do You Find Motivation?

I have watched a telegram group of people wanting to stay motivated go nuts this past few months. People get on and share successes, learn to forgive themselves for failures, and try to stay motivated.

Stay motivated – that is the key. How do you stay motivated? I get this question all the time, particularly as relates to managing a homestead and starting side hustles.

Caritalees Weekend Post

And there is the lesson – Staying motivated in business, on the homestead, on your chosen dietary path, in exercise – is the same formula every single time.

You have the good days

You have the bad days

You have the meh days

You have the temptations to waver

But has anyone ever said, after hauling their butt to the gym when they did not want to – has anyone ever said – Man I wish I hadn’t taken that spin class, or lifted those weights?

Before, and even during, you may be hating it. But when you are finished, are you ever mad you did it?

This is the thing about finding your motivation – it is the wrong question to ask. I mean sure, knowing things that get you motivated is a helpful tool. But the question you really want to know is not, how do you stay motivated, it is how to you stay dedicated or disciplined.

  1. Decide
  2. Prioritize
  3. Do what it takes every day
  4. Forgive yourself if you stumble

Ways I trick myself into doing things on bad/meh/temptation days.

  1. Avoid temptation – like an addict
  2. Trick myself into starting by saying “Ill just do x amount and then I can stop. Then I trick myself more by doing one more thing”
  3. Set a timer and commit to doing a set amount of time
  4. Play music or audio while getting at it
  5. Entice yourself with a reward at the end of whatever it is you must do: Bath, reading a novel for a time, playing with the dogs, calling a friend, spinning wool – find NON FOOD REWARDS
  6. Track progress in areas where you struggle with motivation – I document my exercise in my journal because it is important to my long term health. I worked out 30 minutes a day on average last week. Knowing that feels good.
  7. Build in accountability – if you are in an accountability group, it can be the push you need to do the thing so you can report you did the thing – this is why #my3things works

The bad news about staying motivated? No one does. The difference in perception between people who you think do and who you think dont is that those who look motivated all the time do the work even when they dont want to.

Do find your passion, do build the life you want, but now that sometimes, you just gotta go get started, even if youre having a bad day.

Make it a great week!

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