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Episode 793 – Homestead Happenings for Sept 15 2023

Leaves are starting to turn on the trees that turn the earliest. It is the time to pay attention to cherry leaf drop. Indeed, fall is not here, but the weather has turned a corner in Tennessee to cooler nights and mornings. AC is off more than on. Fresh air in the house makes everything fee better. Animals are friskier and garden plants are doing a last push.

Strategically, we are reducing time needed on the homestead to care for things so that one person can more easily manage it.

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  • Missed my tree shaking
  • Goldenrod is everywhere
  • Nettles are ready for harvest
  • Mints, etc still harvestable
  • Grabbing Yarrow
  • Echinacea Seed collection to start additional patches
  • Chicken of the woods this week


  • Baby sheep playing this morning
  • Really close to another round of babies
  • Timing rotation so that the sheep are easy to get to for SRF
  • Starting to rotate goats again when fencing is simplified
  • Deer season is nigh and there are many in the area
  • Time to process rabbits
  • Picking up a rooster or two (Need leg bands to mark them)
  • Time to put on ear tags for the new lambs


  • Lettuce is up and needs thinning – transplant to the AP system
  • May have enough peppers to do another round of salsa
  • Getting ready to prepare beds for spring planting
  • Preparing bed for garlic
  • Last brussels sprout harvest this weekend
  • Flowers did great this year

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • SRF Stage Assistance
  • Filling in when we are gone
  • The roaster repair


  • Semi permanent electric fencing to make life easier (Making straight shots)
  • Building a new rabbitry – need to put pine tar on the structural wood (Making a big mess under Tajmaholler


  • Expensive chicken eggs are night – Today is the earliest day for eggs
  • Tracking system is working well
  • Andy has sheep shares 

Make it a great week!

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