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Episode 791 – Lifestyle Design with Brian from the Lots Project

Today, we have a hybrid Monday show with an interview with Brian from The Lots Project, Along with our usual Monday Segments!

Featured Event: The Back to the Land Festival, Sept 22-24

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • More green beans have come off the garden for processing so I am going for it
  • It is time to shift things around to prepare for incoming meat
  • Crock Pot Beef Ribs
  • Auditing and refilling the pantry medical, staples

Weekly Shopping Report from Joe

We took our usual trip on Saturday. Traffic was a lot heavier than it has been. People’s generally pleasant moods were no different, there were just a lot more of them on the road.

Dollar Tree was first. There have been no significant changes. The one cooler still hasn’t been fixed, but the others have plenty of stock in them. I didn’t see any holes in aisles.

Home Depot was next. A 2x4x8 remains at $3.68. We were able to get two big bags of the detergent Sonia likes; each is good for 132 loads, so with what we still have we’re covered for laundry for probably a year.

Aldi was last. New pallets of flour and sugar were put out not long ago. We found everything else we wanted, although I had to get the 85% cacao chocolate. Staple prices are:

eggs: $1.02 ; milk: $2.78 ; heavy cream: $4.69; OJ: $3.19; butter: $3.19; bacon: $3.99; flour: $2.19; sugar: $3.09; potatoes: $6.29.

A gallon of untainted regular gasoline remains at $3.899.

Frugality Tip from Janet

Parmesan cheese rinds get added to the soup pot for flavoring.

Operation Independence

Focus is on SRF Tickets and Repairs to the Duplex in Nashville to keep finances moving in a positive direction!



Main content of the show

Brian from The Lots Project travels in an rv with his wife and two LARGE dogs. They started their journey seeking a new piece of land and through keeping an open mind and focusing on the characteristics of the life they want have transitioned into the nomad lifestyle. By going minimalist, Brian and Cory have saved enough money to purchase a piece of land and are beginning to build a new dream.

Make it a great week

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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