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Episode 788 – Homestead Happenings for Sept 1, 2023

Winter is coming even though it is not fall. T is stressed out right now. Time to audit infrastructure, water, firewood, feed hay for the sheep and goats, wood chips and more.

Featured event October 16 Chicken Processing: https://selfreliancefestival.com/product/poultry-processing-october-16/

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  • Shake the Paw Paw Tree
  • Watercress is back
  • Mullein Seeds
  • Oyster mushrooms
  • MInt and other herbs are still with us but the time is soon that a frost will come


  • Pregnant Ewe
  • Male sheep are settled here – trying to eat bark of fodder trees
  • Baby Ducks going outside of the chicken tractor for the first time today 
  • Chicken Eggs should start soon
  • Max fd around and found out
  • About time to breed rabbits

Harvest Meals

  • Saute with wild mushrooms
  • Holler Stew 
  • The Pork Tenderloin thing


  • Lettuce has germinated
  • Fall beets look sad
  • Still getting beans and tomatoes off the garden but they are slowing down
  • First brussels sprouts harvest ever
  • Time to start prepping the garlic patch for the year
  • Peppers are very slow, unlike former years
  • Tomato horn works and other caterpillars have arrived (WHy and what we are doing about it)
  • Planning to just maintain the lettuce patch into the fall as things get super busy here

Holler Neighbors/Community

  • Tested a prepper game: WROL
  • Traded coffee for eggs


  • Getting ready to work in Nashville on drywall next week we could not find anyone to do work there so it is up to us
  • Staining tajmaholler
  • Rabbit redo starting


  • Started the new tracking system: meeting post errand run as a policy, spreadsheet, immediate reimbursements. 

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. It makes a great Christmas Gift!


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