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Episode 755: Train to Your Weakness

Today, I talk about when to train to your weakness, rather than outsource to it because I just took Fighting Pistol at Tactical Response in Camden, Tn and was blown away with how much I was able to learn in just two days.

We’ll dive into the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, so you can make informed decisions for your personal growth.

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Gearing up for canning season
  • Adding a window unit to the freeze drying room so we can use it in summer
  • Fire lit under my hiney on gardening this year
  • On parity with garden produce
  • Prepper Fail – coffee bags
  • Pending Freezer Audit (usually post workshop)

Weekly Shopping Report from Joe 05/28/2023

We only made two stops this weekend, skipping Home Depot. Not to worry, the online price of a 2x4x8 is still $3.35. The tag’s been missing anyway the last few weeks so I’ve had to look it up anyway. While I need to re-organize some tools, I don’t need to buy any more!

Dollar Tree was the usual first stop. We almost always find some small useful things there. The food coolers in the back are well-stocked. Some of the selections have changed in the drink coolers, but they’re also pretty full now. We were behind someone in line who bought a lot of groceries, so that’s certainly still possible. Some things will be cheaper elsewhere, so be careful of that, especially on cans of veggies.

Aldi was our final stop. Eggs have continued to drop, now at $1.62/dozen. Since I have read of impending shortages of coffee, Sonia grabbed an extra jar of both normal and joyless coffee (she’ll drink one or the other, depending on time of day; now that the weather is warm, I have not been drinking coffee). We found everything else we wanted, including canned cat food.

A gallon of untainted regular gasoline remains at $3.999/gallon. The stuff corrupted by ethanol is considerably cheaper.

Frugality Tip from Margo

Here’s a little tip on your journey to self reliance. Figure out how to make things that you want.  At the LFTN Workshop I saw a really cool leather holder for a multi tool, pen, and flashlight. So he took it off and I traced it on a piece of paper to get a general idea of size. While I don’t have a “pattern” done yet, I made one. It’s pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself. Also I didn’t have large pieces of leather laying around, but I did have an old purse I haven’t used in a year or so, so I cut that up and repurposed it. So this cost me a conversation with a man that had something I really liked, and some time. You can do whatever you put your mind to, you just have to try. And sometimes (as in this case) try again. This was my third attempt. So go make something!

Operation Independence

Rejiggering the big picture construction plan for the Holler Homestead to integrate a spa pool long term. Have not figured out how to make it happen but I am working on the plan.

Sheep money paid for flea meds for the LGDs for the year.

Main topic of the Show: Train to Your Weakness

You know how they say hire to your weakness? That is great advice, but it does not cover when you should address a weakness you have through learning to be stronger in that area.

  • Hard75 gives me time for deep thinking and self reflection – avoidant behavior regarding self defense
  • Story of what mentally stood in my way of taking Fighting Pistol or really any training class
  • The MOMENT
  • The amplification effect
  • Lessons learned at fighting pistol
    • It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be – sort of like unloading the dishwasher takes 90 seconds, but you can spend all day not doing it because you do not have time
    • True to Tactical Response’s MO, it tore down mental barriers that I had
    • Key to success was coming in with a novice’s heart and mind

So here are some thoughts on the when and why of training to your weaknesses.

Understanding Your Weaknesses and Strengths

  • Defining weaknesses: Exploring areas where you lack proficiency or experience, and acknowledging their impact on your goals and performance.
  • Recognizing strengths: Identifying the areas where you excel, have passion, and find yourself naturally inclined to succeed.
  • Establishing your growth mindset: Understanding that weaknesses can be improved upon and strengths can be leveraged for growth.

Why Train to Improve Weaknesses

  • What is my potential?
  • What will it take to improve, and what am I trading off?
  • What happens if I don’t train
  • To run, you must first walk

The Art of Outsourcing Weaknesses

  • Benefits of outsourcing – dont do things you hate
  • Leveraging strengths to go further – and being there for your loved ones (Drywall example)

Find Balance

  • Self-reflection and introspection: (Your passion, your skillset, your goals)
  • Re-evaluation on a schedule


  • Personal growth is a dynamic process that requires balance between training to improve weaknesses and outsourcing them when that is a better fit. 
  • When you choose to grow, you sometimes choose the hard way – but as my friend Kevaan Kjar likes to day, “Do hard things now so you don;t have to do harder things later.”

Stay tuned for future episodes where we’ll continue to explore topics aimed at helping you cultivate a growth mindset and unlock your full potential. 

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