Episode 747 – Catching up with Niti Bali

Today, Niti Bali and I catch up with a nice, afternoon chat. It has been some months since we last had a conversation and this one was great!

Featured Event: Chicken Processing Workshop at LFTN, June 24, 2023 in Lancaster, TN


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Farm To Fork Meat Riot

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Niti Bali is the Founder and CEO of Farm to Fork Meat Riot, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization serving as a catalyst for reestablishing the regenerative small family farm food system. Her strategically designed CSA program educates eaters to harness the power of life giving force through regenerative foods. Niti’s Farm to Fork Meat Riot CSA simultaneously supports regenerative livestock production based on consumption that results in a zero-waste system.

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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