Episode 600 – SHTF Fitness with Stephen Boone

Would you be able to physically handle it if services stopped for a few weeks and you had to carry all your water, chop wood for heat, or walk ten miles to get to a new place? Today, we talk with Stephen Boone of SHTF Fitness about getting our bodies in shape.


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Stephen has been coaching clients in person for years in his studio. His passion for helping others become the best version of themselves has led him to start SHTF Fitness so that he can help like-minded, freedom loving individuals who may not have access to a gym.

Stephen specializes in strength training and corrective exercise. He blends conventional strength training methods with Chiropractic corrective movements in order to create a strong, mobile, and pain free individual.

Stephen wants to provide value to the prepper community by teaching them how to be physically prepared for the future. Stephen feels that this is currently extremely lacking in the prepper/homesteader space where most things are considered except for physical fitness. This is done without the use of a gym, since most preppers and homesteaders will not have access to a conventional gym.


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