Episode 559 – Getting Started with Rentals with Matthew Sercely

Today I am joined by Matthew Sercely to talk all about his experiences in the rental world, from an Agorist Tax Advice standpoint!


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Matthew Sercely is many things- he is the Agorist Tax Advisor. He is a Lawyer. He’s a bit of a Smartass. But he has also been a real estate investor for over 12 years who now owns multiple rental houses and has also joined groups that own 3 apartment complexes. He believes that for most people, Real Estate is the BEST way to build wealth long term.

What sort of real estate have you invested in yourself?

Is there a way you think is the “best way” to get into real estate?

Don’t you need a lot of money to invest in real estate?

Any horror stories you’ve had with real estate?

Other than collecting rent, how do you make money in real estate?

So, what are the tax advantages of investing in real estate?

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