The BIG FREEZE is upon us and today, I will share with you what is necessary to get ready for such a weather event on a homestead in the south – because we do not build for this kind of weather even though it hits about every three to five years.

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • This week is when the pantry process we use here really shines 
  • Just opened the last heavy whipping cream that I bought in December (story)
  • Planning based on what is here: Hearty foods for the cold, cooked in the crockpot (But easy to transfer to the woodstove)
  • Fat Tuesday is crepe day
  • Have piles of elephant garlic to process — not getting that done this week

Operation Independence

  • 2020 Business Tax Prep is done! (For the first time in 20+ years of hating coding)
  • Celebration concept for 2021 (Balance)

Main topic of the Show: Preparing for the Big Freeze in the South

Why this? Why now?

Base philosophy

  • Plan for what is likely
  • Keep the solution simple and elegant
  • Multiple purposes per one solution

Divides into areas of focus (It is all about mindset)

  • Inside Oddities (city versus country)
  • Livestock
  • Well House and Other Outbuildings
  • The Holler Family Meeting
  • Entertainment and Fun

Weather happens and it is one of the easiest things to plan for. The benefit of being ready for weather, if you do it right, is that it prepared you for other things. Approaching your household planning in this way not only gives you security through the storms of weather, it can also be the foundation to get you through the storms of life.

Make it a great week!

Song: The Flood by Sauce

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 


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