Today is usually a how-to day, but I got up to lots of reactions to censorship this morning and wanted to have a fireside chat with yall about censorship. Personality after personality is being deplatformed and we need to talk about that. 

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Censorship – it is enough to get your eyre up when someone censors you isn’t it? We have been debating for years if it is OK for the behemoth social platforms like Facebook and Youtube have the right to set standard of what is and is not ok to talk about. And we’ve seen some people deplatformed – usually someone with an extreme position. And we have mostly looked the other way, because it did not impact us.

But with the advent of covid, and the rioting and a scary political agenda rising up behind those crisis, censorship has moved past the so-called crazies and into a propaganda moving machine. Anyone who challenges the expected narrative is shut down and shut down fast. Ok. Not anyone, but a surprising number of people.

Dare to suggest that we go to a free speech platform and people get mad about it.

Dare to question the settled science of covid (how can it even be settled when the disease has only been known for maybe a year), and you get the squeltch. Tha dfamous facebook warning that your statement that vitamin d is a supplement you should add to improve your chances of fighting off covid gets marked as fake news. 

Yes. this happened to me.

Then 2 months later a new research paper came out confirming that d deficiencies may be a big factor in how sever you get covid.


You see it is science and there has not been enough time to confirm the hypothesis, but people are working on it.That post did not get shut down btw.

But back to censorship.

Why do we continue to give our dollars to the corporations that want to silence all but a very narrow narrative?

And if you think I mean a left one you are wrong. Sure, more righties are being banned right not, but that will change and blowback on moderate left opinions as soon as they know they can get away with it.
Sound paranoid?

Maybe I am a little – maybe that is my confirmation bias.

But when JB Spears does a spoof comedy video on covid and gets a video booted from youtube for making a covid joke, then when he works with his rep to address it is told that it is what it is, and the next one may see his entire channel pulled down, you know that all common sense has left the building on this issue.

And we are talking about private companies.

Some really misguided people are calling for government intervention on this matter.

Why? How will that improve the situation? 

These large corporations are entrenched in  the government – there is not much of a separation between them. They are both furthering agendas. This is how government works — it is subject to special interest pressure. We sometimes fool ourselves into thinking that a grassroots uprising on an issue will force the government to change things – but until it is linked with lobbying, it is really hard to get any change at all.

And this is the crux of calling on the very machine that is part of the problem to fix the problem. Why would they bother?

I am sorry that I am going to hark back to Nazi Germany for my next thought. We are not currently exterminating people in concentration camps and that is not my point with this. But much of my understanding of how controlling a population through propaganda works is from looking to that time, so bear with me here. Not calling the Zuck Hitler here…He is an engineer and this is probably at the core of the problem in his choice to push censorship.

Back to nazi Germany. The price you would pay for providing a counter narrative during this time was much higher than the price we are paying now. You could be imprisoned, or executed.

But that was not the nest way for them to further the narrative they wanted was it? No. Using propaganda to show most of the population the story they wanted them to see was how they controlled the population. Establishing a foundation of tattling and enforcement and bullying was how they controlled the population. And these methods of control were much less expensive to implement that cracking down violently on the the people. Not that violence did not happen. It did. And it happened in some cases neighbor to neighbor ir child to parent. Think about that.

When people online virtually pile on someone for having a dissenting opinion, when they publish their home address, pictures of their kids, when they call their boss and demand they be fired, is this any different than a child reporting her parents for speaking against the Nazi regime and opening them up to consequesces? Yes, They had a different opinion of what is right, but should your opinion be the foundation for imprisonment?

Our founders did not seem to think so and neither I even if your opinion is that I am a poopy headed jerk, even if your opinion is that race does equal the merit of a person, even if your opinion is that communism is a viable economic system, even if your opinion is that hydrochloroquin paired with zink does work to reduce the severity of covid.

You should be able to talk about your perspective without being bullied, imprisoned, beaten up or deplatformed. Bit these companies do own their platform and can do what they want right?

Sure they can.

So why not put your effort, your advertising dollars, and your time into something better? Something that values free speech and open discussion, something that may jjust help us get to the core of what is really going on here?

Because continuing to let the propaganda narrative move forward as is, and to react to it is merely making you a pawn in the game rather than the creator of a better one.

Just a thought.

Make it a great week!

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    Insidious says:

    A magnesium topical spray or ‘Natural Calm’ magnesium citrate at bedtime can help with the sleep.

    Usually though when I’m REALLY sleepless it’s something stuck in my subconscious that’s bothering me. I’ve found that a marathon journaling session until it ‘comes unstuck’ helps.

    • Nicole Sauce
      Nicole Sauce says:

      I figured out last night that when I leave the tv screen on in my living room (which I have been doing because I have some cameras on my land that I want to easily see), I do not sleep. HMMM

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