Today, we walk, step by step, through the process of making comfrey salve with fresh comfrey.

#HollerHatWednesday: When is she going to finish?

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Stump the Sauce

  • From Chris – I ordered some medium pink salt and it is too big to fit in my grinder – what do I do with it?

What’s Up in the Garden

  • Transition time: Garlic out, onions, cucumbers, okra and beans in
  • Beets starting to beaten – planting sweet potato slips in their best alongside them
  • Time to plan the fall gardens (Starting plants inside)
  • Tomato trellis update
  • Peppers not yet ready – sads

Main topic of the Show: Make Comfrey Salve

What it is good for: swelling, healing cuts, itching, post shaving skin repair, post waxing skin repair, bee stings, bug bites

  1. Harvest (when)
  2. Ingredients: coconut oil or other oil
  3. Ratios
  4. Complementary herbs – calendula, plantain, mint, jewel weed
  5. A word on drying
  6. Crockpot method and water vapor collection
  7. Duration
  8. Finishing the salve with beeswax
  9. Packaging and storage

Make it a great week!

GUYS! Don’t forget about the cookbook, Cook With What You Have by Nicole Sauce and Mama Sauce. 

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