Remember the one thing that I always say about moving to a homestead? LEARN TO MAINTAIN YOUR WELL or PUMPHOUSE. Well this week, the holler homestead pump house was completely re-plumbed. I have patched and patched the thing for 13 years and since we already had redone all the house plumbing, Tactical decided to apply pressure until I let him redo the pump house completely. So I did. With one caveat. I needed to understand everything he did and why so that this winter, if something breaks, I can fix it.

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#HollerHatWednesday: Where is she and whhy does Mama Sauce look shellshocked?

Announcement: Interviewed on The Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko today about building community – be sure to check that episode out.

Stump the Sauce – sauerkraut

Amazon Highlight: Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor

What’s Up in the Garden

  • Fall transplants are in
  • Cleaning out the old-dead summer plants
  • Sweet potato greens are going insane
  • Cooler at night = more fruiting flowers on plants

Main topic of the Show: How the Pump House Works with the Tactical Redneck

Make it a great week!

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