Episode 182: Cook with What You Have

Today, we cover some ways to get started in cooking with what you have rather than a recipe.

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • All the processing is happening
  • Working toward all wide mouth jars
  • 13 quarts of beets pickled
  • Bone broth in process
  • Herbs drying
  • Want: Canning Kitchen set up outside

What’s in Season

  • Day lilies: Salads and sautes
  • Dill: Pickling and salads
  • Elderflower: Fritters & Tea
  • Honeysuckle flower: Simple syrup for beverages this week
  • Hearty greens like dock and plantain are getting a bit chewy, but you can harvest and eat plantain seeds

Operation Independence

  • 10 Quarts of Honey extracted – a $200 value. Keeping 4 for us and selling the rest.
  • Finished out some of the wrong kind of project opening up more time for the long term push

Main topic of the Show: Cook with What You Have

Book Recommendation from the show: Ratio

Make it a great week!

Song: Dr. Feeley, Dr. Skinner by Sauce

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