Episode 168: Beginning the Permaculture Approach to Homesteading

Today, I talk about how to begin implementing a permaculture approach to your homestead. This has been at the front of my mind this year as I started taking a PDC. I will share with you how I stumble across permaculture, what it is, and some steps we have taken here to begin adjusting our homestead to be more functional through permaculture design. Don’t get me wrong: I am a student of permaculture sharing my journey with you, not an expert. 

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From Christie: What to do with too many onions

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Getting the Gardens Ready

  • Potatoes are looking awesome – need to fill in with wood chips or straw to encourage more potatoes
  • Time to look for Garlic scapes
  • Building Dutch Pots for last of the peppers and tomatoes
  • Filled in herbs, water plant seeds, and other warm weather plants this week
  • Onion starts going in the ground
  • Sweet potatoes going in when dutch pots are done so we do not lose all the real estate in the ap like we did last year

Main topic of the Show: Beginning the Permaculture Approach to Homesteading

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Onion Recipe Resource: https://www.onions-usa.org/recipes

Zones simplified: https://www.permaculturevisions.com/getting-permaculture-zone/

Gaias Garden: https://amzn.to/2H9DpxP

Onion Recipes: https://www.onions-usa.org/recipes

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