Episode 167: Remember Not to Take Things Personally

It is so easy to get hurt by what people say and do to you – even when those same people meant something completely different. Today, I have a reminder for all of us to not take things so personally. It is not about you and it is not about me most of the time – but we perceive the world through our view – and everything can seem personally targeted to us, even when it isn’t. We will discuss that and some ways to reframe your view right after our regular segments.

Cookbook update – Got my copy for a final edit – very excited to launch it!

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Canning lots of stock 
  • Not done with the summer pantry transition we discussed in Wednesday’s show

What’s in Season

  • “Wild Strawberries” which are really Mock strawberries or Duchesnea indica
  • Peas are blooming – pea shoots
  • Hairy vetch
  • All the lettuces
  • Clover flower collection week (for tea)

Operation Independence

  • Talk about the independence fund and being penny wise and pound foolish
  • Duplex is truly rented! 

Main topic of the Show: Remember Not to Take Things Personally

Make it a great week!

Song: Thanks Dave by Sauce

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