Episode 160: Easy to Bake Bread

Today, we walk through something we have never really discussed on the podcast: Easy to Bake Bread via a process I learned from Geraldine Duncan – one of my early in life influencers and inspirers – the lady who showed me not to fear taking on big tasks in the kitchen. 

We will also walk through some homestead hijinks as this week has been crazy and when it is crazy on the homestead, your animals can sense something is up and I SWEAR they become crazy themselves. Or spring is in the air – either way.

#HollerHatWednesday: Where is she and who is she with?

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Stump the Sauce

  • How can I keep my lettuces fresh
  • How long can I expect them to remain fresh

Tales from the Holler Homestead

  • Goat Night
  • Swarming Bees
  • Holler Roast Ottoman

Getting the Gardens Ready

  • Potatoes are up
  • Sweet Potato Slips Ready to Transplant
  • $2.50 salad was achieved yesterday
  • Tomatoes a foot tall and growing like mad
  • Volunteer Squash, beans and other plants

Main topic of the Show: Easy to Bake Bread

  • Make a sponge
  • Work in the rest of the flour
  • Let Rise
  • Bake@425 for 20-25 minutes

Make it a great week!


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