Episode 159: Delicious Event Food

Today we go back to one of our core topics to cheer myself up: Making tasty food. Also, we are precooking much of the food for the Spring Workshop right now so the house smells amazing. I dearly hope you enjoy this food-based episode!

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Announcement: There will be replays next week as we will be very focused on making this event fun. Do be sure to join the LFTN Coffee break Group if you want to see any of the livestreams we do from the event.

Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Serving us well – easy meals for crews of folks dropping in to help prepare for the workshop
  • Onion Update
  • Almost done with sweet potatoes – using them up this year!
  • Lot’s or reorganization by Tactical means there may be a better system in the root cellar this winter

What’s in Season

  • Found another dryads saddle
  • Reports or morels
  • Will save the garden update for Wednesday, but we had a $2.85 salad this week. Tomorrow’s harvest will be our break even salad at $2.50

Operation Independence

  • Traded rando reject coffee for lumber
  • Duplex is probably rented – never say it is until the person moves in
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Main topic of the Show: Delicious Event Food

Make it a great week!

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