Today, we have a fantastic guest and a fantastic topic. Sue Zoldak founder of The Zoldak Agency joins us to talk about setting up your business for success. Sue started her own ad agency in 2016 due to…client request. She has since gone 36 months without a corporate paycheck. She is also the founder of a networking group she started with 40 friends and now, 5 years later, is 1,400 people deep and one of the most well known in her industry. She is an adjunct professor in digital strategy at George Washington University.

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I first met Sue at a workshop we were running and she was positioned to me as a competitor.  As it turned out, she was fun to talk with, knew a helluvalot more than I did about digital marketing, and is one of those people who approaches life with a prosperity for all mindset. She saw the client as someone who needed a win and turned into a powerful force to help them as best she could – and she welcomed other people helping them in different ways.

Make it a great week!

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