I haven’t talked much about homesteading or domestic arts lately. We’ve focused more on building the life you want to live. So today, I thought, why not surprise them with something that goes back to our roots of homesteading?

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Cooking has changed

  • Eating out culture
  • Processed/prepared foods
  • Dietary changes and fancified meals
  • Plated and other mail order meal services

But the country kitchen goes through cycles. One thing feeds another – or gets in the way. So today, I thought I would run you through a not so atypical morning here at the Holler Homestead….

It all starts with coffee and 30 minutes of peaceful reflection…….Then we dive in.

There is something quite satisfying about the levels of production that you can attain if you let one thing feed the next in your kitchen. Next thing you know you have homemade broth in the pantry, lard going in the crockpot, home smoked meat, and easy plan for dinner, and a load of laundry hung out by the fire.

So why not learn a new “old” skill this winter and begin developing your own cycles in the kitchen?

Make it a great week!

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  1. Salima
    Salima says:

    We cook alot from scratch but have had more takeout than ever this year (5,000) kids and their schedules)…. I need to plan better

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