Episode 107: Handmade Homey Gifts and Firing Toxic People

Easy ways to find ideas for homemade gifts and firing the toxic people in your life, today on LFTN!

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Early cold has = better cold storage
  • Drying Mushrooms for vitamin D
  • Harvesting and using or drying root things like Sassafras (which I have not done)
  • Canning all the stock

Stump the Sauce

  • Q1: Why does my gravy taste like flour?
  • Q2: What should I stuff in my bird (first time roasting)?
  • Q3: What should I roast a turkey IN?
  • Q4: What if I forgot to defrost the turkey?
  • No fat for the gravy, now what?
  • Q5: What if I left the turkey out overnight on accident?
  • Q6: What is Your pumpkin pie recipe? (2.25 c pumpkin pulp, 1 8 oz can condensed sweetened milk, 2 eggs, 1 tsp salt, ginger, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, 1 tbsp brown sugar. 425 for 25, reduce to 350 until done.

Operation Independence

  • THE GREAT FINANCE REVIEW OF 2018…not yet finished but it is unearthing some waste and some good stuff too
  • We ate ALL our thanksgiving leftovers. ALL OF THEM.

Main Topic of the Day: Handmade Homey Gifts and Firing Toxic People

Song: Burned by Sauce

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