Episode 95: The Bounty of Simply Living

Today, we will take a walk through the benefits of simply living. Simply living – as in simply living your life, not letting others live it for you. Why Simply living and not simple living? You gotta listen to find out!

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Tales from the Prepper Pantry
38 jars of salsa are canned
Putting up tomato sauce this week
Need to do an shelving overhaul in there
The mud room is mostly full of jars, but some will go to our chili loving friends who put in on the chillies this year

What Mother Nature is providing
Beans beans beans and funny beans
Damn the electrical company for spraying on my land

Stump the Sauce
Rattle Snake Recipe

Operation Independence
Put up 39 pints of salsa for winter
August was a record month for the airbnb
Sticking to my guns on the weekly finance review
Need to get taxes done

The Bounty of Simply Living …. not having your life lived for you.

Song: Strange Child, by Sauce



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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    Great to listen to this one as I work on my Weekend 3 Things (i.e., basement project) today. This is a fundamental concept that people don’t get until they hit their late 30’s or 40’s. Suddenly they look around their cube and ask, “Is this madness all there is to life?” That’s how it was for me, and it didn’t help that the entire economy was crashing in 2008.

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