Episode 35: Homestead Update, Healthcare and Canning Fruit

Today I will share a Holler Homestead update and coffee progress, talk a bit about the health care bill that passed last week, and what I have been able to find out it, then walk you through project two of the Learn Canning in 8 Projects series.

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Eating Seasonally and Tales from the Prepper Pantry
This is where we share what we are eating as it comes to us – and talk about ways to use what we store.

  • Saladpalooza goes on and cabbages are beginning to hit the farmer’s markets! Fresh lettuce from the garden (or my friend’s garden, radishes, carrot greens, pea shoots)
  • A NOTE ON TOMATOES – they aren’t from here, or they are coming from a greenhouse and, frankly, don’t taste as good as the real thing
  • Kale, cabbage, broccoli, green onions
  • On the wild side: dead nettle is gone, chickweed is too large, watercress is VERY peppery, poke weed is getting large, jerusalem artichokes are well into their leafing out. BUT – day lilies are still yummy, dandelions can be found young from time to time
  • Theoretically, there are new potatoes but I haven’t looked
  • EGGS – just like last week, leading to lots of “sandwich salad”

Getting the Gardens Ready
Where we share what we are doing to get our food growing operation up and running.

  • The last of the garden planting for a bit will happen this week
  • Attacking the bramble we should have handled
  • Spraying the trees with garlic and pepper tea
  • Operation shade creation
  • Bee food

Healthcare WTF
Late last week, the House passed a bill to “fix” The ACA, or Obamacare. Since that time there has been so much spin that it is difficult to stand up I am so dizzy.

  • Individual mandate is gone in this version
  • Some taxes added by the ACA are gone
  • Pre-existing conditions are mostly covered
  • Medicaid cannot be expanded in any additional states, but will remain expanded in the states where it was expanded
  • Republican spin that this reform is somehow different than the ACA is way off. This will ultimately hurt their credibility when the system continues to crash since they have not addressed any of the underlying flaws, they have simply managed to pass a bill that lets them claim a “victory.”
  • Democrats spin that rape is now a pre-existing condition is bull. The steps that would have to be gone through to make that a pre-existing condition are so convoluted that making claims like this only hurt their credibility.

What should I the homesteader do about this? Nothing. Basically this process is out of our hands. They are using this topic to control us. The divide us to pit us against one another. So consider not being a jerk about the whole thing.

Personally, I am going to do my best to support our innovative medical providers directly, with my business. I am going to also plant poppies.

Holler Homestead Update

Garden is a mess – video tracking what can be done in a week a little at a time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-PX-bHfC3AEOUPWgJ5d40g

Coffee update – we are going to go for it: I found a roaster that will allow us to launch a subscription service and sell a ton more Holler Roast coffees – but we will need to add blends.

Project 2 of canning in 8 projects: Canning Peaches

Method: Waterbath, raw pack
Risks: Low
Why? Sugar


Link to processing chart: http://nchfp.uga.edu/how/general/selecting_correct_process_time.html


With that – get out there and Make it a great week!

Song: Learning What Leaving Is, Sauce

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Thank you for the excellent healthcare discussion. It’s so hard to figure out what these clowns in Washington are doing sometimes! I really appreciate you explaining it without all the spin and BS you get elsewhere. Thanks!!

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