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Episode 533 – Squeamishness and Homesteading

Today we will talk through several things that you need to learn not to be squamish about on the homestead. Download Tales from the Prepper Pantry Urgently need to do […]


Episode 531 – Have to vs Get to

Today, we continue the pantry management series with a discussion about how to keep your Today’s show was inspired by Krystal when she asked how do you balance “Have tos” […]


Episode 530: Spring Plans at the Holler Homestead

Homestead living is often romanticized by those outside the lifestyle. Homesteading takes work and choices to live differently than the “norm”. Today I will talk you through the Holler Homestead’s […]


Episode 520: A Day In The Life

Today, I share a day in the life on a homestead, working for yourself. The ups, the downs. The reality. The schedule. The life I choose on my terms. Why? […]


Episode 517: Habits Not Resolutions

Today is the first episode of 2022 and we will talk about building habits – because habits will get you where you want to go much faster than the fits […]


Episode 516: Be True to Yourself

Today is the last new podcast for 2021 and I got to thinking about the next ten days for so many being the most stressful of the year. Then I […]


Episode 513 – Word of the year 2022

Happy Birthday Mama Sauce Download Today is the big reveal – my word for 2022. Have you chosen your word yet? THURSDAY Webinar: Small Business Roundtable, Get signed up today! […]