Episode 686: Homestead Happenings for January 20, 2023

Today we talk about sheep care vs the STUN method, managing expectations when 2 people work on one homestead, early spring growth and more.


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  • Dandelion leaves are here (and what this means)
  • Same root things as last round
  • Lemonbalm has baby leaves
  • No chickweed or dead nettle yet but they will closely follow
  • Regrassing of the ripped up land is in process


  • Caring for sleep vs the STUN method (The tail story)
  • Putting girls together so we have “two” herds and can control birthing timing
  • Hoping some baby bunnies arrive in the next 2 weeks
  • Still no eggs and T is investigating if they are being stolen from the coop (A word on the Dumore nutrition rumors on Youtube)
  • LGD update
  • Still needing to list pigs and the St Croix with West Coast genetics


  • Trees are budding out (and what this means)
  • Seedlings, an update
  • Final garnered bed preparation while it is warmer in January

Holler Neighbors/Community


  • Preparing for the solar installation
  • Finally was able to order more step in posts (30% time savings no paddock shifts)
  • Trailer care needed to maintain the livestock trailer (There is always something)


  • No update

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Make it a great week!

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