Episode 657 – Courage, an Update

Today’s show is an update on my word of the year, courage, and how it is progressing, lessons learned.


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Tales from the Prepper Pantry

  • Pantry Webinar
  • Year end pantry restock
  • Shopping list for Thanksgiving: 1 apple, 1 bag cranberries, maybe some butter (Explain why)
  • New Rabbit Recipe: bacon, rabbit, butter, onion, garlic, rosemary, juniper berries, cinnamon, sage, carrot, celery, tomato (Rabbit Bolognese anyone?)


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Weekly Shopping Report from Joe

We made our usual three stops this Saturday, plus one other. Our first stop was Dollar Tree. The coolers are mostly empty now. They still have some Rip-it, but even that cooler wasn’t even half full. The food aisles still look good though, and other shelves are also stocked. Before parking, we passed by where a new Michael’s (a craft store; competes with Hobby Lobby) will be opening soon. I’m surprised it isn’t open yet, but we’ll check it again if we go out next weekend. That’s unlikely to be Saturday this time, due to the beginning of the holiday feeding frenzy.

Next stop was Home Depot. The open areas are now full of islands, as they too get ready for the impending rush. There was a price on the 2x4x8 studs this time; $3.75. The store looked busy already, including employees putting more stuff out. Battery quantities looked good, with fewer and smaller holes.


Third was Aldi. The produce area was nicely filled, stuffed even. We found what we wanted, including heavy cream, which I’ve seen some people report has been missing in some areas. They also had Butterball turkeys in at least one cooler. The bill seemed a little steeper than usual, although I did get a whole pork butt (a new cut for them; they’ve had half-butts for some time now) and a package of generically-labeled chicken breasts. I didn’t see any holes in anything.


The final stop was a thrift store so Sonia could looks for some books. Untainted regular gasoline remains at $4.199/gallon.


Frugality Tip

I came across a 1 3/4 pound container of organic ginger root at Sam’s Club. This was just what I needed to begin my honey fermented ginger.


Ginger is always a tough thing to peel, but I have seen several videos of an easier way to peel ginger not using a knife. Just use a common every day spoon.


I just drag the spoon across the ginger. It takes off the outside peel, and doesn’t take off much of the ginger flesh. This saves so much usable ginger, and put less in the compost bin.


Operation Independence

  • Frozen Pipes
  • Heading onto the end of the year with a Black Friday special at Holler Roast


Main topic of the Show: Courage, an Update

What is the word of the year and why I chose Courage


How the year started – Everything at once, getting ahead of the schedule, learning to say no, and learning to let go of the script in front of large audiences.


The dark side of courage

  • If you go for things all the time, they really pile up
  • Courage starts inside with seeing things for what they are and acting
  • Lots of overwhelm occurred
  • The body ends up in a state of adrenalin until you get past that phase
  • I have fewer friends now after addressing things head on
  • Nicole is scary


The hard thing about courage is that you have to accept that things are your responsibility to change if you do not like them, particularly flaws within yourself. Not succeeding in changing yourself is literal laziness. That one hurt.


Things I have done

  • Injected sheep
  • Nursed a very sick dog back to health
  • Trained a dog not to fight
  • Surpassed all expectations for events
  • Become a much better presenter
  • Started making more money
  • Stood up for myself multiple times
  • Stood up for other people
  • Started singing rock n roll again
  • Started learning Guitar
  • Wrangled sheep
  • Hiked alone
  • Stayed in the car and gotten out of the area when a bad guy was on the loose (courage does not mean stupid)
  • Invested in Bear for SRF 2023
  • Installed a food forest
  • Embraced myself and where I am at as valid, good and part of a journey (Stopped comparing)


The bright side of courage

  • The I don’t care factor
  • I found out what I MOST fear in life and it wasn’t what I expected (resources)
  • I have fewer friends after addressing things head on BUT the ones who are still here are real
  • Trying new things and taking on new challenges has stretched me in unexpected ways 
  • Doing things sooner rather than later saves so much time
  • I used to be intimidated by people who are better at things than I am, now I just ask them how they got so good


Overall, courage was a good fit for the year. This is the first time that a word of the year has really felt like it will be finished by the time I get through December.


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